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Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Spring Enchantment

The sign for a Dead End stood sentinel at the entrance to a bumpy road that sliced through fields of still-leafless vines. But we decided to ignore it and drive on anyway. The thrill of the unknown was more enticing than the possible inconvenience of ending up in a field or in front of a rubble wall and having to reverse all the way back.
Dwejra and Fiddien 033
Dwejra and Fiddien 046
The countryside was lush and the grass as green as polished emeralds. On either side of us, the silent vines are contemplating their re-awakening. Instead of getting narrower, the road widened to a little clearing and there we were in front of two gaily-painted lilac walls that seemed to form an entrance to another, much narrower, bumpier path.
Dwejra and Fiddien 024
We stopped the car and got out (well, two of us did – the Mischief Maker preferred to continue reading his beloved airplane books from which he is quite inseparable). The air was soft and warm, almost too warm, and carried on it the scent of spring. I looked at the lilac gate-way and my mind took off. Before too long I was in my own magical realm.
Dwejra and Fiddien 026
I was sure that somewhere at the end of this path, a princess slept - because, surely, those gnarled trees with their knobby trunks that seemed as old as the island itself, were once young knights in search of true love. But their quest had failed when an evil old witch turned them into mighty trees with their arms all askew.
Dwejra and Fiddien 027
Dwejra and Fiddien 028
My feet itched to explore some more, to see where the path led and what I would find at its end. But empty stomachs were clamouring for food. I would have to come back some other day.  I would have to come and explore and break the magic spell. Or maybe I would come back and fall victim to the enchantment myself.
I turned my back, reluctantly, leaving behind me a dusty path lined with brooding trees and the promise of adventure and enchantment beyond an incongruous lilac gateway.
Dwejra and Fiddien 025
Photographed at Fiddien Valley, March 2014


  1. Even if there is no princess at the end of the road, the lilac gate rings of adventure down the road. What is it about dirt roads that makes our imaginations go wild? Some people like to take off hiking into the wilderness by whatever means possible, but I'd much rather follow an old dirt road.

  2. I really love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Loree,

    What an enchanting gateway....and lilac to boot! Like you we should be eager to know what lies ahead. There must surely be an adventure of some kind to be had here.

    But, if not, we can guarantee that your fertile imagination will provide a story....beyond the lilac gateway.....we shall look forward to it!

  4. I love exploring mysterious places like this. Seems like your words could turn into a full-fledged story!

  5. Loree - I am not sure how you could pull yourself away. Like you I would need to travel down that path. Hope you get to again soon. Your words as well as your gorgeous photos paint the day beautiful! Hope in time that Mischief Maker decides exploring might be fun too. Take care and have a great week.

  6. What an interesting place to explore with the gnarled trees and lilac gate. Loved reading about your experience!

  7. I would have had exactly the same feelings ! Those gnarled trees look so misterious !

  8. Lovely images Loree… what a place!

  9. I ADORE this………..I even spied the gates sitting sideways on the side!I am living in the WRONG century!I'm an old soul……….and I love old things with a bit of mystery!A lovely post.I hope you do go back and wander to your hearts content!

  10. I, too, would be tempted to take the road less traveled. Hopefully, you will return and show us what should be wonderful photos and whether you find a pot of gold at the end of the path.

  11. It's an odd little detail but I just love that the gateway is lilac. And I don't know that I would have picked up on that were it not for your poetry, Loree.

  12. Loree you must go back! The suspense is killing me. That path is far too enticing not to follow it on the adventure that awaits. Beautiful images, as always xx


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