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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Like Confetti In My Head

The remnants of hurricane Gonzalo hit our shores with fierce winds and not much else – no rain, no thunderstorms – just a few solitary clouds that sailed swiftly across the sky like huge sailing ships.
Cocooned in the stillness of our home. I absent-mindedly stare at the blinking cursor and empty screen. Silence envelopes me. The words are there but they are jumbled up, like confetti in my head; my notebooks full of unfinished sentences. I have a strange feeling of deja-vu`; of having gone through such a phase before – this semblance of outer calm and inner turmoil.
USA 2013 587
I know the cure is to immerse myself in a good book or two, but it’s been three weeks since I finished Love in the Time of Cholera and I haven’t started anything new. I have an exam coming up in December and the little free time I have is now taken up with pharmaceutical textbooks and legislation. It’s been almost 20 years since I last sat for an exam. I suddenly seem to have landed in a slightly alien world.
And speaking of aliens, I came across this little guy in our back-yard a few weeks ago.
Alien (4)
As I focused on him and the camera made its little high-pitched noises, he lifted his head and looked at me. Maybe my camera spoke his language. He was a tiny thing, but he made me smile. It’s the little things, it’s always the little things, that brighten up my  day. But even though I’m not the type who wishes time away, (I’m getting too old for that) I am honestly counting the days to mid-December, when all this jitteriness will be behind me.
Alien (3)
So now you know why I’m blogging less and only commenting sporadically on your posts. Wishing you all a world of cute little aliens – unless they make you run a mile - and I hope there are no exams on your horizons.
Alien (2)


  1. Dear Loree- I can tell you are busy dear friend. Exams are always a challenge and just thinking of taking one makes me get nervous. I am sure you will do fine though. Then I would certainly put my feet up and read a good book - hugs!

  2. good luck loree- i´m sure you´ll rock your exams! :)

  3. He is VERY cute indeed!
    YOU will do fine..............just breath.It's only a TEST!Thats what I told my SONS...........don't beat yourself up over it!If you fail you take it BIG deal!XO

  4. What a cute little guy! He looks like he's smiling at the camera :)

    Wishing you all the best with your exam. I know you'll do well.

  5. Your alien is adorable! Good luck with your exam, I'm sure you'll do well. :)

  6. Loree, I wish you the best on your exam. I also wish I could come over with a nice basket of goodies for a picnic lunch and a chat to help see you through as you work your way to mid-December. :)

  7. Best of luck Loree (though I'm sure you won't need luck :-D).

  8. Good luck on your exam, Loree!

    (I didn't know there were hurricanes in the Med!?)

  9. I cross my fingers for a good exam, that's something I am happy not to have to do anymore !

  10. All the best! I'm sure that very green little fellow will bring you luck!

  11. Best of luck on your exams, Loree and I know the flow will come back to you with the writing. Just keep writing every single day, even a little bit.

    Oh, and I love Marquez! xo Gigi

  12. Loree, it takes a lot of courage for you to be doing this! Please know that I - along with a whole lot of your other friends all over the world - will be sending you Strength...and Smarts for you exam. :)


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