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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A collector of moments

Yes, that would be me. I am not a minimalist, by any means, but anything that I have around me is there for a reason. It could be a souvenir from a place I have visited or something that once belonged to a person that I cherish. They may seem like silly things, kitschy even,  but they speak to me in that language that only the heart understands. Which is why I have such a hard time letting go. In my little nook I am surrounded by memories, fleeting moments, long snatched away by time, that bring an unexpected smile to my face.
Mementos (4)
Mine is a motley collection, without rhyme or reason; the only thing that the different pieces have in common is their vibrant colours and their unexpected diversity. They sit patiently on my shelf, waiting to be picked up again; waiting to take me back to a special place or a special time. Take the clown for example, all he has to do is perform one of his silly summersaults and I will be back beneath the brooding Gothic spires of the church of Our Lady of Tyn in the heart of Prague.
Mementos (3)
The peachy-coloured cat was from a little art boutique in Vienna. My (now empty) tin of Maxim’s chocolates came all the way from Paris and now holds little knick-knacks. The little red phone box takes me back to the crowded streets of London.
Mementos (7)
From the American south-west (Moab, Utah to be more precise) a little clay flute that produces some eerily beautiful sounds when you blow into it.
Mementos (4)
And interspersed amongst them, photos. Photos of a boy who’s growing up too fast; of a much younger me; of summer vacations and unforgettable road-trips. More memories. More moments. And I collect them all.
Mementos (5)


  1. I do the same, but as I have a cat collection I always try to find a special cat from the places I visit.

  2. I collect too from my travels like fridge magnets, but my favorite are the ones from childhood like an album my mom gave me when I graduated from grade school, a bead my friend gave me when we left the Philippines. Wonderful memories!

  3. They are COLORFUL!
    I got my book yesterday!The one about the CASA on CAPRI!!!!!!!They had to search a bit but FOUND IT!I cannot wait to open and start the READ AGAIN!THANK YOU SO MUCH for liking the book I liked so MUCH 23 years ago but couldn't recall the name of ALL these years!I will never let it leave MY HOME!
    I have the sons PIGLET on my lap now...........BANKSEY. Hard to type.I am IN LOVE!!!!XOXO

  4. I have things like this, too (although I'm not sure I'd qualify as a minimalist, haha.) I especially love the books and treasures that remind me of my little girl, now all grown up at nearly 25! You're right to hold on to those precious memories :)

  5. Dear Loree - such a heart warming post. I too have special items such as these that transport me to places and remind me of well loved faces that have spaces in my heart. So glad you shared yours. Hugs!

  6. Love your collection! My daughter has a tin in the shape of a double decker bus on her desk that is still filled with chocolates!

  7. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely,colorful,interesting collections. They surely bring back wonderful memories. Such collections are difficult to part with because they are a treasure worth holding on. It is quite likely these collections will be passed on from generation to generation although the reason behind each collection may be lost over a period of time.

    Best wishes

  8. Sweet! I have a Maxim's box somewhere and an ocarina too!

  9. Fascinating collection and they go together with their bright colors. I love the phone booth and the cat!


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