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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Waiting to exhale

Breathe in. Breathe out. It sounds easy enough. We don’t even think about it; it’s just something we do unconsciously, an inherent part of being alive. But sometimes I feel like I’ve breathed in too much and that I am drowning in air. That’s when I know that it’s time to stop and exhale.
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Summer is supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year: lazy days at the beach, balmy nights, afternoon siestas … it sounds like the formula for a perfect season. But the heat saps by strength, the sun gives me headaches and the beaches and public places are over-crowded and noisy. Yes, I am being a moaner, and if I were still at school, I am sure that one of the nuns would tell me to count my blessings, because there are so many people who have so much more to worry about than such petty nuisances. I guess empathy was not their strongest point. Or maybe that was their way of toughening us up and preparing us for the real world. Because it’s true. My grievances are barely noticeable compared to what some people are going through.
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And yet, aren’t we all just a little bit selfish and don’t we all think of ourselves and our close circle of family and friends before all others? Isn’t that the only way to keep sane in this world where we are constantly bombarded with horrific images of human suffering in all shapes and forms?
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I really have no answers. I know that this blog and the ones I read on a regular basis help me escape to a whimsical world. They take me on flights of fancy to magical places. They help me stop and exhale. And, strangely enough, they give me the strength to face all the ugliness out there. Because if we had to focus on that all the time, we would surely go mad. But these online friends I have made have shown me that there is still beauty in this world. There is still kindness and compassion. Above all, they have taught me that there is hope. In this cruel, crazy world, there is still hope. Because, in spite of everything, or, maybe, because of it, hope is always the last to die.
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My father in law’s beautiful roses (Canton, MO, July 2015)


  1. I love summer, I could purr the whole day, I am angry if it rains or if it's cool. The sun shines and it is warm and I am happy ! But now, in autumn I struggle with myself, the days get shorter, it's getting cold and soon the trees will loose all their leaves. That is the season where I have to fight not to see all in black ! And as you say, fortunately we have blogfriends who cheer us up !

  2. Totally understand Lorna.........and so true, compared to so many others, we are more than double blessed. It is the nature of humans to complain..........I have to fight it all the time.........Today was a gorgeous Fall day ......just perfect. There is perfection in the world about us, we just have to look for it ........and you did, in these beautiful roses. Grampson will be happy you used his "babies" as examples ........:)

  3. "Hope is always the last to die" I think they are perhaps the most perfect words for me to read this morning. So beautiful Loree, we would surely go mad if we didn't focus on other things, especially the little things, hope is the one thing we can always count on - even in the darkness. Gorgeous images too xx

  4. Holding on to hope and the promise of beauty, with you.❤

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  6. Thoughtful post. I totally agree. There are blogs I read that lift up my spirits, like your blog does.

  7. This is a beautiful, heartfelt post Loree! By posting these gorgeous photos you have helped to add a smidgeon more beauty into the world. Sometimes a small act such as this is all we have power over but at least it's positive!

  8. HOPE...............the last to die!THAT IS SO POWERFUL!!!!!
    I love that...........I will quote YOU.YOU MADE MY DAY!
    SO SORRY I am late........not getting your posts so you need to remind me from time to time on Instagram or Facebook.I will try to re subscribe now!XX

  9. Dear Loree wonderful thoughts friend. I feel the same way when I visit other blogs. They lift me up and help me to see beauty everywhere. I understand about that heat thing too. My energy gets zapped when the temperatures rise especially the humidity. Your photos of the roses ate beautiful. Thanks too for your thoughts and prayers worked- my dad is doing much better. Have s super day.


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