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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A little something something

The clouds whirled and twirled above my head, the trees swayed drunkenly this way and that and the wind chime jangled a tuneless melody. It was that magical moment before the storm broke. And then the rain came – hard and heavy.
Ghar Lapsi (49)
For half an hour it poured down from the bloated clouds, pelting the windows in an erratic, staccato rhythm that ended in a burst of hail-stones the size of marbles. Then it was over and around half an hour later the sun tentatively showed its golden face amid the fragments of the storm and shooed the clouds away.
Ghar Lapsi (8)
That was last week. Saturday morning dawned with a perfect mixture of sunlight and brooding clouds and I felt that inexplicable urge to go out in search of something that I could not name, in the hope of discovering what I shall call that little something something, that missing fragment of the puzzle.
Ghar Lapsi (27)-001
So, without further ado, we set out and drove to a cove that we had frequented many times. But this time we did not take the easy path to the sea but took the trail to the path less travelled; the lonesome path beneath the cliffs. Soon, it was just us, the bleak garigue, the craggy rocks, the patchwork sea and the huge expanse of the infinite sky.
Ghar Lapsi (51)
It’s mostly barren here – the long hot summer and predominantly dry autumn have taken their toll on almost everything except for some hardy bushes that, in spite of the harsh conditions, cling to life. Everything seems dead, beyond any hope of redemption and the flowers of spring are but a distant memory, a few withered fragments at our feet.
Ghar Lapsi (43)
I had lost hope of finding new life or new growth but Nature is resilient in a way that I cannot quite comprehend. In spite of all the odds, life is renewed. Despite the excesses of the past season it still burst forth in an emerald explosion right where I least expected it.
Ghar Lapsi (47)
I had found life where no life should be. In the most secret places of my heart I smiled. This was the little something something that I had set out to discover. It was enough for now. The promise of regeneration is near at hand.
Ghar Lapsi (40)
Location: Ghar Lapsi, October 2015


  1. Your images always are breathtaking and that special little sign of life and something new - maybe we need to look for those little signs every day in our lives xx

  2. Those are some rough shores. Nature at it's commanding stage. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, great post. The what looks like a bulb of some kind sprouting is amazing.

  4. You have such a beautiful coast!

  5. See that walk did YOU GOOD!!!

  6. I love that I read this today on All Saint's Day, La Toussaint here in France. Remi and I have had some good but serious discussions today. Your gorgeously crafted prose made this very real for me.

  7. I love this. The walk, the search, the tiny gift of green.

  8. What a beautiful walk through such a wild landscape and there you even found something green !

  9. I love this post, that little green plant is amazing!


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