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Monday, 16 November 2015

No words

I am  lost for words. In truth I am too angry to write what’s really on my mind. That we are standing with Paris, with Beirut, with all the people that are hurting, goes without saying. Yet I fear that more words are not going to make any of it better. So I will leave it at that and leave you with some quotes I found. I hope we can all derive some strength and solace from them.
(None of the quotes are mine. I could not find the source of all of them.)
Location: Paris, March 2009


  1. Yesterday I saw the Belgian police searching after one of the terrorists in Brussels ! I am only 16 km from there but it looked dreadful ! The poor people who live there couldn't even go in their houses !

  2. I'm with YOU.........NO WORDS.
    YOUR Photos are lovely!

  3. The events are surreal indeed. History seems doomed to repeat itself over and over. And those poor refugees who are being caught in all of this evil.

  4. Dear Loree.- so true no words friend.


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