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Monday, 17 May 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Romantic Restaurant

Tuscany 253
An enchanting restaurant in the beautiful Italian city of Lucca. I fell in love with the fiery red colour of the walls and the old wooden beams, both of which were further enhanced by the golden glow of the lamp. The food was pretty delectable too. A perfect place to wind down - a quiet little corner to whisper sweet words of love …
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  1. The color is beautiful, a rich look of a nice restaurant. The table settings are elegant, I expect the service and food to be even nicer!

  2. It is indeed very romantic. Happy Tuesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  3. Those walls are vibrant, perfect for a romantic restaurant. I love the warm glow of the lamp on the wood ceiling.

  4. Wonderful..very inviting and are so lucky! how magical..i love the red too..reds are so awesome!! enjoy! yay! that was fun!!

  5. The colour of the walls is very evocative. Good choice for Ruby Tuesday.

  6. Beautiful corner of the restaurant to have that romantic dinner..

  7. beautiful and really romantic place. love the colors of the place. happy RT! Mine is her.

  8. Lovely resto! Despite the dark red color, it looks cosy. I've always wanted my house to be this color, but haven't gotten to doing it yet. :D

    My RT entry is here.

  9. It looks very warm and cosy !

    I thought of you on Sunday ! I spent the whole evening in Malta, chasing a murderer ! We watched a crime story taking place in Malta. It was wonderful ! what a sightseeing ! We went into the Church of the Holy Cross (where he hid) and also ran around in the Cimetary I don't remember the name, but it was very old and beautiful. Fortunately the story included a visit through whole Malta ! We had been once there but only saw a little part of it during a stop with the cruise ship.
    At the end the killer was arrested, and everybody was happy ! It was a German TV movie.

  10. What a nice place to eat! Love the colour of the room - and the shot!

  11. Great pic, I love the decor, you must have brought back some lovely memories : )

  12. It looks like a nice place!
    Nice picture!

  13. Enchanting looking. Lucca is high on my list of future holiday destinations.

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  14. Befitting a romantic getaway feast!


  15. the place looks really cozy :) im your newest follower!

    u may view mine here

  16. A very nice restaurant to wind down in. There really aren't any hole-in-the-wall places near us that we can just hang out in. I often wish there were.

  17. Looks like a lovely place to eat :)


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