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Sunday, 6 June 2010

It’s A Small World

I’ve been away for a while – wondering what it would feel like to be on the outside, just looking in. But, although I have tried to visit each and every one of you, I have missed my little blog. I know that I cannot just leave comments without sharing my little corner of the world with you all. It is amazing that blogs make the world feel so small.
As each one of you shares her joys or her sorrows (I seem to mostly follow women bloggers), I feel as if I am a part of your life. I know that two of you have recently become grandmas, that one of you is moving house, that some of you have recently been on trips, that another two of you have parents that are severely ill. Then there are those who daily post beautiful photos of gorgeous cities. Every day I can visit Rome, Vienna, Venice and re-live wonderful memories of these places.
As for me, I am watching summer unfold all around me, opening the windows every morning and listening to the birds greet the day with joy, taking in the natural beauty and deeply breathing in the cool morning air.
View from our Window (2)
 View from our Window (3) I watch the sun set and wait to capture the enchanting canvas that is the sky with my camera.
End June 049
And today, as I closed my eyes and bit into the first peach of the season, the taste took me right back to my childhood. I felt like I was six years old again, back in my nanna’s little kitchen, with the dazzling white lace curtains swaying gently in the breeze, back to the age of innocence when it seemed like nothing would ever change … and I realised that, although the world moves on, some things will remain forever. Because by sharing our emotions, our ordinary, everyday things, we are transcending physical boundaries and making ourselves just that little bit more accessible, just that little bit more vulnerable, reaching out and sharing our humanity with total strangers.


  1. Great piece of writing Loree, you have touched my soul : )
    Blessings to you and your loved ones,

  2. I also enjoy listening to the birds and feeling the cool morning air. Thank you for sharing your beautiful views. The world does seem small, as if there really is no such thing as far away.

  3. A very sweet post...
    I agree, I live vicariously through so many of my fellow blogger's lives...and I love when photos are many beautiful areas of the world that I would love to visit someday.
    Your area looks so gorgeous and a nice place to visit, too!

  4. Thank you Loree for sharing these beautiful pictures with us, it's always a pleasure to read your posts. I agree with you, blogs help to make this a small world.
    Wishing you a nice week!

  5. I feel the same, the world becomes so small, it's just as if we are all a big family !
    It's normal that you visit mostly women, there are only few male bloggers (I mean nice and family friendly once, lol) who are worthwhile to visit !

  6. When thing goes wrong with the internet or computer, I feel as if my life is missing something. I know what you mean.

    Beautiful photos, Loree.

  7. Beautiful pictures Loree. I love visiting Malta through your eyes. We have just picked our peaches, so I can taste what you have described. I try to avoid blogging, but like you, I live on a small island and the world is opened by blogging buddies.
    Take care

  8. Sometimes it's so nice to sit back and look in for a change, isn't it? For some reason I always feel guilty though!

    The beginning of Summer is such a wonderful thing! I just love it! The birds sound so wonderful and alive! All of the outdoors is filled with promise and joy! If only it weren't so short where I live.

    Wonderful photos, Loree : )

  9. I mostly follow other women as well. I just feel a kinship with them. And it's wonderful having that "kinship" reach across the world.

    I especially love your picture of the sunset. I have a thing for sunsets.

  10. How beautiful Loree...I feel like you are telling my own childhood story..Nana..lace curtains..peaches!! Incredible and Magical! we are kindreds! Wishing you many first bites of magical peaces!! Beautiful! the sceneries are gorgeous ..your photos mesmerizing!!
    thanks for adding joy to my day!

  11. How very very true! There are just some things that will remain forever. Summer is unfolding here much like it is for you. And your childhood memory brought back a flood of memories for me too. Thank you!

  12. Loree, the photos you posted are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You also wrote a very lovely piece. :-)


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