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Monday, 12 July 2010

Ten Years On and I Still Miss You Nanna

My Nanna (grandma) died ten years ago. Ample time for me to forget, you might say. But there are some people who we will never forget because they touch our lives in so many beautiful ways. Even now I find it hard to think of my Nanna without tears coming to my eyes. She was really a wonderful person.
My Nanna was born in 1916, at the height of the Great War, the eldest of 9 siblings (two of whom died in infancy from whooping cough). I remember asking her so many questions about those two dead babies. I could not understand that the medicines and vaccines that we take for granted today did not exist back then. Life must have been hard in ways we can never know.
My earliest memories of my Nanna are of when she would pick me up from pre-school and take me for a walk on the country road that led out of our part of town. We would walk to a farm to watch the sheep and goats feed. Then my Nanna would patiently feed me a banana, bit by small bit – I did not eat much back then. I am lucky to have many other precious memories along with a few keepsakes from her little house. With the wisdom of hindsight, I wish I had appreciated her more when she was still alive. The biggest arrogance of youth is that we think we will always have time to do something tomorrow. But sometimes, there are no tomorrows left.
I miss her still. We all do. But I know she would not want us to be sad, so this little tribute is my way of remembering her and the good times we had together. And since her name was Rose, I thought I would post a picture of that beautiful flower which always reminds me of her.
Dad's roses
This post was supposed to be published on June 19 – the anniversary of my Nanna’s death. But somehow I must not have got the hang of how to have Blogger automatically publish posts. So I am publishing it today.
As you can see, I am back :) and I will soon be around visiting all of you. I have missed you all but had a great vacation and I am sure you will soon be hearing lots about it.


  1. Yay..welcome back! What a super beautiful tribute to your Nanna!What a wonderful lady and spirit! HUgs! I so enjoyed your stories and memories..thanks for sharing such treasures!
    Bright Blessings and magic..thanks for sharing such a heart warming post!

  2. Lovely post Loree and beautiul Rose. I'm sure your nanna knew what she meant to you and how much you loved her. Just the time you spent with her was evidence enough for her to know.

  3. Wonderful tribute to your Nana! I never knew my grandmas on both sides so reading your post really warms my heart!

  4. Beautiful post Loree! The deep love that you shared is a VERY strong bond that is not easily forgotten. You will never forget, though I'm sure there are days that you will feel you have. I lost my dad when I was only 12 years old, almost 17 years ago now and I still can't think of him either without tearing up especially lately with the wedding coming up. There is nothing wrong with the emotions that come when we think of the loved ones we have lost. In a way I'd rather still be emotional after 17 years than to have felt as though I've forgotten and feel nothing because of the time that has past. Ha even now I'm tearing up as I type this! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your Nanna with us, a wonderful tribute :o)

  5. Lovely tibute to your Nana, Loree!
    Thanks for sharing your memories of this nice lady with us.

  6. Welcome back Loree : )
    That's a great tribute to your Nanna and I'm sure she is looking down and smiling at your lovely words...a beautiful way to honour and remember her! May special memories live on in your heart always...and may they bring smiles to know how much you loved her.

  7. Hi Loree, How wonderful that you have such fond memories of your Nanna. I'm sure she treasured the time she spent with you too. Beautiful tribute!

  8. Your Nanna sounds like a wonderful person. Your posting makes me think of my grandmother as well. We were very lucky to have them.

    Welcome back! I hope your vacation was great!

  9. What a beautiful piece for your Nanna, Loree. Thanks so much for sharing. It made me think of my grandma who lives on an island in the Philippines. I think I must write her a letter.

  10. You can never forget a person you loved so much. My grandma died more then 20 years ago at the age of 95. She just fell asleep forever in front of her TV while watching her favorite soap. She raised me until I was 6. You can imagine that I will never forget her neither my grandpa, although I think of them now without tears and grief.

  11. What a lovely post Loree.

  12. Oh, Loree, that brought tears to my eyes!! I feel the same way about my own grandmother, and, are you ready for this ... she was born in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!!!! Sweetie, I only live 45 miles from Eureka Springs!! My mouth dropped open when I read your comment on my blog! I came back to "my roots" about 10 years ago. I absolutely could not believe you were so close when I had so missed your blogging and your sweet comments on my own little blog! Did you go out in the country side any at all? Don't you just love the quaint little town built on the side of a mountain? It is truly a unique place and draws many, many tourists. Visitors come from across the globe to catch a glimpse of this fascinating little place!! (Wish I had known you were there, but so glad you are back at your computer blogging again!)

  13. Sorry about your Nanna - what a wonderful tribute. So hard to lose the ones we love and I'm grateful for the knowledge that I will see them again one day. So hard to think this life is the end. Very beautiful Rose and I'm sure your Nanna was just as beautiful.

    Glad you had a good vacation and welcome back.

  14. That was a lovely expression of love for your Nanna. Great to see you again. :)

  15. A lovely tribute and I am sure somewhere she is smiling! Some people are always with us. Welcome back sweetie!


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