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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scorching Days and Balmy Nights

My mind has been going round in circles trying to write something intelligent and interesting. But it is so hot that sitting at the keyboard is really a huge effort. It is not only hot, but very humid. We had a great summer up to two weeks ago, with plenty of cool breezes and very pleasant days. But now, it seems as if the wind itself is keeping away for fear of being scorched. There is not even the slightest breeze to lift the curtains and bring us some relief. The only sensible thing to do is go and cool off in the sea.
Gnejna Again (16)
Or sail off into the sunset on a beautiful yacht – preferably to cooler climes. Places like Antarctica currently spring to mind …
Gnejna Again (15)
  Gnejna Again (19)


  1. Wow..these are beautiful photos Loree..! and wow it sound soooo hot there...scorching.. wow!! Try and keep cool girl!
    Gorgeous pics!!
    Have a happy day!

  2. We are hot here in SoCal too. 105 degrees today. And we are humid, which is not normal for us here. We are usually very dry.

  3. Tomorrow is supposed to feel like 39, but Tuesday Aug.31st is supposed to be 41!Looking at the weather forecast for the next couple weeks, it doesn't seem like there is going to be much of any relief to this heat! I think many more beach outings days are the way to go! Stay cool!

  4. We are finally having cooler weather, now if only I could sit here long enough to do a post, it's been over 2 weeks since my last.

  5. We have had some very hot and humid weather too here in the north of Italy, but the forcasts say it will get cooler as from Sunday onwards. I hope it will get cooler for you too.
    Great pictures!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Loree! We are getting the cool weather here now!

  7. I am suffering with you Loree! I wish I could have my laptop in my pool! LOL

  8. Hi Loree..hope you are having a super-fab wkd..and hope things have cooled down a bit weather wise for you! Ciao
    Have a sparkling day

  9. now in my country rather cold this changes the heat! but this should not last :( ...
    Despite the heat you've always nice pictures !
    Bye !

  10. you lucky girl ! even if it's humid it's still better than cold and wet ! I had to put the heating on !
    Why don't you join my new meme "what did you do this weekend" on Mondays ? So I would know how you spend your weekends, lol !

  11. It is unbearably hot here too, in Pa (United States). And we have not had rain but a few times in 2 months. Very scary to me.

  12. the wind is even afraid of getting scorched - love that. The sea definitely seems the only place to be. Your pictures are so inviting. Temperatures are finally bearable here, but most of the summer I hated to go outside.


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