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Monday, 23 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Past Its Heyday

I wondered how many thousands of feet have made their way up these worn steps.
USA 708
I wondered what caused the damage to the wood.
USA 709
I wondered whether the faces that looked out of this window were joyful or tearful.
USA 711
I wondered how many journeys this carriage has made.
USA 702
I wondered how many meetings and partings took place in the stations it passed through.
   USA 710 
I wondered and marvelled at its beauty even though its paintwork is slowly flaking away and its wood is rotting to pieces.
Once upon a time this must have formed part of a bright and colourful train. It was the first time that I saw a carriage painted bright red.
It reminded me of James in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. James – always so proud of his bright coat of red paint. I wondered if in years to come James would end up like this train too …
RubyTuesdaybadgebydriller[1]Hope you enjoyed my entry for this week’s Ruby Tuesday. For more ruby red images from all over the world, please visit Mary at Work of the Poet.
Photos taken last June at the Eureka Springs Railroad Station Museum in Eureka Springs (Arkansas)


  1. That carriage has seen some history... I am sure your little son was very excited to see these so close.
    Great Pictures!

  2. nice pictures! and the text is very poetic! it's simple and beautiful! Bye !!

  3. Fabulous reds!! this is super beautiful the textures and character i feel from it.. and i always enjoy what you write!! I love the powers of reds and the energy they give!
    thans for your words on my spooky post..I kept thinking today your gorgeous gargoyle post would have been sooo perfect!!
    have a happy day!

  4. We have a restored caboose in our town, but I think it's brown and green, not quite as cheery as the red!

  5. The red paint is still looking fresh and vibrant..It's a beautiful color on that caboose..

  6. what a shame. someone should restore it. I love these old red Cabooses.
    My Ruby Link is here for you

  7. That red paint job is stunning, perfect for Ruby Tuesday. It is fun to wonder about all the people who rode on it during its heyday.

  8. It would be my guess that it wasn't red when it was being used, but rather painted later for display...but either way it is charming.

  9. It still looks beautiful to me. I bet the carriage holds a lot of stories.

    Happy RT!

    Maria @ LSS

  10. I miss seeing the caboose at the end of the train- and the man who would always wave. All the cabooses I've ever seen in action were red-- not at bright though. Happy RT!

  11. hahah-- just noticed the Eureka Springs label-- thought this caboose looked familiar--I've been in Eureka Springs many times and rode the train too. did you ride the train? And isn't is a quirky little town-- perfect spot for a cozy mystery. Did you stay in the haunted hotel?

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my odd tomato.

  12. beautiful red! i would love to use some red around my house... not brave enought probably ...

  13. great fotos loree - an old abandoned red caboose is a thing of beauty through your lens.

  14. I love those photographs, they capture history so well. :)


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