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Monday, 31 January 2011

In A Mellow Mood

I was browsing through Kasey Buick’s blog Lola B’s – One Girl Talks when I came across a link to the music of Mindy Gledhill – and I was hooked. I’ll be honest – heavy metal ballads are usually as mellow as I will get (barring classical music) but this lady’s music has a quality about it which is almost ethereal. It is soothing and relaxing and the words are just pure poetry. It was the type of music that made me want to drive to the nearest beach, plug some headphones in my ears and dance on the sand till the sun went down. It had that magical quality which brought out the inner child in me and I would gladly have been chasing waves or running after a balloon – just for the sheer joy of it.
Probably, a few years ago I would not have listened to this type of music twice but I am finding that the older (and more mature Winking smile) I get the more open I am to different genres of music -  although I have to draw the line at any rap, rave, house, underground – I am sure you get the picture.
Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 011
So today I will leave you with a photo of one of my beloved beaches and the mellow music of Mindy Gledhill.
P.S. I realise I’ve mentioned the beach quite a bit in this post. Could it be that I am thinking of summer?
P.P.S. Mindy Gledhill has not paid me to write this post or rave about her music. I just happened to like it, so I wrote about it. I hope you will enjoy it too.


  1. It's a beautiful photo of the beach and the sky, Loree. I'm longing for warm sun light too!

  2. Yay Loree...thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and this gem of a singer! I love music....I truly appreciate all music...thanks for sharing your mellow mood...magical!

  3. That was a very calming video...does speak to the inner child...Lovely!

  4. Melodious voice and pleasant to listen to.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Yeh...I guess you are thinking of Summer.

  5. I like the footprints and rain falling at the beach and the music is fun too.

  6. I don't like rap, house etc either ! I like Freddy Mercury, Elton John, etc.
    I don't like classical music, I had an overdose with my parents when I was a child, lol !
    How nice to be able to dance on the beach all alone !

  7. That's a wonderful song ! I also like Kathy Malhoa.

  8. thank for this discovery !
    I like this style of music, quiet and very relaxing ...
    Besides, the video is very beautiful !! :))


  9. i wasn't sure what to expect, but i gave her a listen - a little offbeat and i like it! also she produced a very creative video to accompany her song ;-)

  10. I love Mindy Gledhill. This song is so dreamy and so is her voice. I also love the Hourglass one - it's beautiful and sad all at once as we think of our children growing up.

  11. Very good photo, but im waiting for summer and see the beautiful blue sky :))

  12. o.m.g
    LOVE this song and video!! xox ~ Alexandra


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