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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The White Chest Of Drawers

I remember it clearly – a rickety, white chest of drawers which my mum kept in the room right at the top of our house. The room that led directly to our roof. It is the room where the laundry gets washed and families store their odds and ends. And their memories. I suppose it’s the closest thing we have to an attic. Which brings me back to the old chest of drawers. It was just an old piece of furniture that nobody needed anymore; full of clothes from the 60s and early 70s. But to a little girl, it was a treasure trove.
Image Source: Chic  Furniture
During July and August, when the heat was almost tangible, my parents would take a well-deserved siesta. But I could never sleep. Instead I would make my way up to our room on the roof. I cannot even begin to describe how hot it would be up there in the early afternoon – a harsh, scorching heat. But all I cared about was the white chest of drawers and the plethora of clothes which I could dress up in. I remember the colourful shirts, the frills, the flounces, the long, long dresses, the flared pants. I could be anything I wanted to be – a princess, a gypsy or a clown and  I spent many summer afternoons up there surrounded by clothes that nobody wanted anymore. It was a time of make-believe, of fantasy and fairy-tales and of complete childhood innocence.
Over the years the clothes were thrown out  but I can still remember some of them as clearly as if I had worn them yesterday. Seeing the current fad with all things 70s I sometimes wonder how many of those vintage items would have found their way into my wardrobe.


  1. what a great memory! you told it well...

  2. That's exactly what I think my youth fashion is back! I still have some "gypsy" blouses from that time and I can still wear them, they are again in fashion, flower printed jeans I have kept too, but with the years I switched from 40 to 44, lol !

  3. I think we have all gone through that stage in our lives, I remember, just as if it was yesterday, how my sister and I dressed up in our mum's old clothes and high heeled shoes and vintage handbags... what lovely memories!
    Very nice post, Loree, thanks for sharing!

  4. most of my older clothes are passed on to my nieces. do you still have that white chest?

  5. Very nice post Loree. Like my sister Sue said we have lovely memories of dressing up and going through Mum's clothes; she used to love clothes, handbags and shoes! I too am wondering whether you still have that chest of drawers...

  6. My favorite was dressing up in old costumes from all of the performances I was in over the years. Can you imagine years from now what boys will think about the style of wearing pants hanging off the rear end with the crotch practially to their knees? It will be so funny!

  7. What a beautiful memory, Loree! During the summer, we can't barely going to our bedrooms upstairs because of the heat.

  8. The best part about being a kid is not caring if you wore your favorite shirt, pants, outfit for, like, three days in a row because you felt superb in it! :) xox Alexandra


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