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Thursday, 19 May 2011


The weather here is changing fast – the days are pleasantly warm and the nights are still cool enough to ensure that the fiery heat of the day is kept at bay for a little while longer. We have not seen rain in over 2 and  a half weeks and probably will not see grey clouds on our horizon for another 3 months or so. All the wild plants that, up to a few weeks ago delighted us with their vibrant and pretty flowers, are turning golden and brown and will soon wither and die.
View from our Window (3)
The poppies are still around though, nodding their sleepy heads on their slim stalks at the slightest breeze. But soon, they too will succumb to the unrelenting heat. Such is the cycle of nature …
Chicken pox 023
With family visiting, we are spending most of our days planning outings and BBQs, visiting the little nooks and crannies on this little island that are off the beaten track, having fun and making memories along the way.
Meanwhile the sea’s call is getting louder and I am yearning for my first swim …
Lauren's Birthday Party at McD's (9)
P.S. I am taking a break from Friday’s Fun Finds for this week.


  1. Hi Loree, I think can wait a while longer for the long hot days to settle in and am quite enjoying the few scattered clouds that thankfully shade us from the heat and brightness of our sun! I loved looking at your pictures, the poppy one is really beautiful.
    Enjoy your trips around the island and keep clicking that camera to share : )

    Best wishes,

  2. Looks like you're enjoying yourself with your in-laws.
    Lovely pictures!

  3. it's the opposite here. we've been getting lots of rain - to the point of flooding and scary tornado warnings.

  4. Hi, it sounds like you're having fun! That water sure does look inviting...

  5. It's almost the end of May, but we had a straight week of just rain and grey sky.

    Hope you're having fun creating memories with your family!

  6. Hi dear Loree
    those few words.. 'the sea's call is getting louder' has me yearning for summer again.. I took a walk around the bay last night and feel as if I miss summer already... perhaps I should visit you. hehehe

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. that poppy is just gorgeous! have fun with your family...

  8. even with a drought, malta is exquisitely lovely, as seen through your amazing lens. with a sea like that, i bet you can't wait for your first swim of the season!

  9. My commute has bursting patches of poppies planted by the different counties along the highway. Spectacular ~ xox Alexandra

  10. Hi Loree...super beautiful gorgeous..quite a punch of color!
    Hope you are enjoying all of you special time with family..hooray..and saluti!

  11. Loree, Cyprus and Malta are experiencing the same weather pattern. Enjoy your island in the sun!

    The poppies are growing like crazy this year, they look stunning.

  12. In Belgium it doesn't rain either, which is very strange, because normally it rains all the time ! Now farmers start to complain and I have to water my flower pots every evening !
    Your tourist season has certainly started too. Malta will be full again !

  13. love the picture of the ocean. It is really a beautiful shot.

  14. You take amazing photographs!


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