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Thursday, 26 May 2011


… of palaces and waterways,
… gondolas and bridges;
--- the bells of St Mark’s
… and the view from the Rialto …
Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (57)-1
… of beauty and decay -
… dreaming … of Venice.
Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (94)-1


  1. How I wish to go to Venice someday. *daydreams*

  2. Super gorgeous...thankyou for taking me on this dream journey...fantastic photos Loree! YOu are awesome as always!!

  3. Thanks Loree for sharing such great pics and lovely thoughts and memories : )

  4. Gorgeous photos, Loree! Look like postcards!

  5. I have a friend coming to visit us in July for 2 weeks, her and I are planning and hopping to go to Rome for a few days. A nice girls trip- try to see everything we possibly can as neither of us have ever been there. I'm super excited and seeing your post this morning is getting my head in the clouds too and I am dreaming ;) Wonderful photos- as always!

  6. Venice!!!
    Lovely dream!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful snapshots.

  7. beautiful Venice :)

    how did you do the framing on your pics? i love it.

  8. You have captured it beautifully!

  9. Last time I was in Venice was 2 years ago, it's a lovely town especially when you know somebody who takes you to hidden places where no tourists go !
    I have been there several times, so of course we avoid the tourist spots !

  10. Did you take those pictures Loree? They are gorgeous. Love the view and the words.

  11. Gorgeous photos, Loree! Look like postcards! made me want to go back to Venice...La bella Italia!!

  12. Love your photos Loree. I have had Venice on my mind too. You must have lots of wonderful photos. I hope we get to see more :)

    Jeanne xx

  13. ... sigh ... I am dreaming too. Lovely photos!


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