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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dreaming A Little Dream

It’s good to dream every now and then, isn’t it? I am an importunate dreamer, spinning tales and weaving dreams known only to myself. My imagination never fails to take me on wild flights of fancy. Some days, most days, I manage to rein it in. Other days, like today, well, I just give in to the fantastic wanderings of my own mind and let myself dream a little dream.
By now you probably all know that I  love baking (and chocolate – but I promise I will try not to mention chocolate again this week) and, essentially, that is what my dreams revolves about. So let me take you with me on this little whimsical trip of mine …
I would take this place
Valletta (4)-001
Or this one
Valletta (36)
And restore it to its former glory. I would call it La Patisserie, perhaps, or maybe The Cake Shoppe. Then I would bake, all day, to my heart’s content. I would make these,
                        Lemon Almond Cupcakes     Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

and these,
                Blueberry cupcakes    Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

and these
                                Crème de Menthe Brownies    Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

and maybe these.
Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes   Source: via Lorna on Pinterest
For variety I would include this
Lemon & Raspberry Summer Cake   Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

and this
                                          Red Velvet Cake    Source: via April on Pinterest
and this.
                              Strawberry Cake    Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And, if I am really brave, I would attempt to make these.

The walls would be lined with shelves with pretty baking goods on display: sprinkles and cupcake liners, decorations and toppers …
                                           Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

                                        Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

And of course, there would be drinks: pink lemonade and herbal teas; freshly-squeezed orange juice and home-made lemonade; flavoured coffees and dark, bitter espresso; mochas and lattes and steaming mugs of cocoa milk.
                                 Pink Lemonade    Source: via SAVOIR on Pinterest

(Can you tell that  I am really getting carried away?)
The décor would be simple – slightly vintage, edgy and chic – preferably in marsh-mallow colours (or would that scare all the male customers away?). 

Or maybe it’s best to go with old-world flair and forget about the polka dots, flowers and pastels.
Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

(What did I tell you about my capacity to dream up a storm?)
And while we’re at it, would you care to join me for cupcakes and pink lemonade?
There I managed to write a whole post about desserts without mentioning the word chocolate once. Impressive! Oh … I promise that next time I will try to dream about healthy food Winking smile


  1. Oh my gosh Loree! My daughter and I have actually dreamed such a dream, talked about it, even planned that it would someday happen!
    Very refreshing post, too temptingly delicious : )
    Thanks for sharing your dream!

  2. What a wonderful dream... I wish your dream may come true someday.
    Good Luck Loree!

  3. Oh your dream is sinfully delicious! I'm starting to crave for sweet these days more than ever before.

  4. I love the old-world flare! I would write entire novels in your patisserie, Loree. And I'd surely sample the blueberry cupcakes, the cherry coke float cupcakes, the red velvet cake and the pink lemonade.

    A lovely, lovely daydream. Thank you for inviting us into it.

  5. Would I join you? I would be a regular!!!!

  6. Wow ! these are sweet dreams and very yummy ! lol !

  7. As far as I'm concerned, as long as your dreams are as pretty and delicious as this one, I see no reason to ever dream about healthy food. Let me know if this dream ever becomes a reality, because I will come to visit your lovely shoppe!!

  8. Wow Loree...this post was SUBLIME...Stunning photos...gorgeous that pink lemonade shot..and gorgeous sweets...I am cooking supper right now..and I would rather have dessert! ha ha!
    Beautiful post!

  9. We've had a macaron shop open up downtown, by the harbor. I can't wait to visit it!

  10. your dream reminds me of the film, Chocolat. :)

  11. You tease and torment me, Loree! Lovely images.


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