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Monday, 23 April 2012

A Tale Of Contrasts

On the last day of  Easter break I took the day off and headed to Valletta with the Mischief Maker. My plan was to take the ferry from Valletta and cross over to the town of Sliema. It was a nice day but breezy. We wandered around Valletta for a while escaping into the side streets.
Valletta & Sliema (6)
Old Bakery Street
Valletta & Sliema (7)
I have fallen into the habit of always taking my camera to Valletta and am slowly learning to look at it with new eyes – a stranger’s eyes. It is not difficult to do. I have never really explored our capital city. It is by no means as grand as London or Paris or Vienna but it has its own inherent beauty and I am slowly discovering it and learning to appreciate it – in spite of all its blemishes.
Valletta & Sliema (10)
It’s a downhill walk all the way to the jetty from where the ferry leaves. On the way I could not resist taking some snapshots.
Valletta & Sliema (11)
Valletta & Sliema (32)
The ferry takes about 10 minutes to cross Marsamxett Harbour from Valletta to Sliema and it is  10 minutes well spent. Apart from not having to deal with traffic, the views are quite stunning with  Valletta at the rear and Manoel Island, with its 18th Century fort, to the left.
Valletta & Sliema (28)
Valletta Skyline dominated by the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Valletta & Sliema (14)
Manoel Island and Fort Manoel
Across the stretch of water, the modern apartment blocks that make up Sliema are as different from the Baroque splendour we just left behind us as crows are from peacocks. The contrast is almost palpable.
Valletta & Sliema (19)
Valletta & Sliema (24)
Valletta & Sliema (22)
Sliema has very much become the ‘it’ place, the place where it’s all happening; a crowded, congested maze of shops, restaurants, cafeterias and offices. There is an undeniable energy about it, a constant buzz of activity – but I can’t help looking across the harbour at the understated elegance of a city that, for many, has lost so much of its lustre. Except that it hasn’t lost any of it, not really, it just requires inquisitive eyes that can look beyond the surface and a heart willing to learn its story.
Valletta & Sliema (12)
St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral
Since 1980 Valletta has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


  1. you live in such a beautiful country, Loree.

  2. Brings back such nice memories ! We stayed a day in Valletta and I loved the architecture the old little streets and everything ! We stopped there during a cruise on a Costa (!!!) ship, lol !
    I hate places like Sliema with these money making appartment boxes and no soul anymore !

  3. It must have been a really memorable experience for your Mischief Maker Loree... in the eyes of our little ones, these outings are ones to cherish!
    I loved your Valletta pictures, whenever I go to Valletta it seems I always see something in the architecture and surroundings that I had not noticed before. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wonderful post Loree!
    Love the photos... love Valletta!

  5. Pure bliss...I fell in love with the colors in photo #3, then 4 and 5....your whole post is gorgeous..thankyou for this wonderful rock!!
    don't ever stop carrying your camera!!

  6. Isn't it fun to see your area of the world with different eyes. To me, as an American, I would head straight to the old section of the city. Everything here is new and feels to us like it lacks character. Walking around that size city just sounds so dreamy. Thank you for taking us on your is beautiful!

  7. love that shot from the bottom of the steps :)

    (i'm taking a little blog break - see you soon)

  8. Dear Loree - you are not only a writer - you are a wonderful photographer as well. I have never had the privilege to visit France but your pics and scribbles made it come alive - thanks for sharing. Hope to visit someday but if not I can enjoy your blog. God Bless You!

  9. Such contrasts, indeed, Loree, and each has its own feel and characters! Your photos are gorgeous!

  10. I am glad you are in the habit of taking your camera with you, Loree, because you take some of the most AMAZING photographs.


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