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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Thing Of Beauty …

Some days the most random of things can set my thoughts churning; the most mundane of tasks opens up vistas that I had only previously imagined. I have been home these past two days, nursing a throbbing migraine. I could not do much except think; and, now that I am feeling better, to put those thoughts out there.
Valletta on a Sunday (75)
It is the end of November and still warm enough for hibiscus plants to bloom. As I sat and edited one particular photo of a dark pink hibiscus flower, I was struck by so  many emotions. Each different edit brought out the different layers of a flower, the subtleties in colour, the tiny flecks of pollen, the veins.
Valletta on a Sunday (75)-003
I was captivated; as enchanted as a child. Here before me was a wonder of creation. I sometimes get tired of scientists explaining things away and trying to find a reason for everything.
Valletta on a Sunday (75)-002
Technology is great but faced with the sheer grandiosity of creation it just pales into (dare I say it?) insignificance. Nothing that the human mind can ever envisage will ever surpass the simple beauty of the little things around us that we so take for granted.
Valletta on a Sunday (75)-004
On contemplating a Grecian urn, John Keats had written that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The beauty of a flower is transient, it quickly fades away, but just by taking these few minutes to stop and think about it, has left me with an unmistakable  joy and peace that were previously lacking.
Valletta on a Sunday (75)-001
Hibiscus Flower at the Inner Courtyard, Grand Master’s Palace, Valletta, November 2012
Edited in Picasa (except for the first photo)


  1. Loree, a whole universe is being born inside you. Tend to it like you would a helpless infant because a big shift is coming and you are going to have a lot to write about.

  2. wow...that's amazing. my favorite is still the first photo though.

  3. Fascinating! I love the fourth one that is mostly dark with the glowing lines.

  4. Lovely! I love all of the photos; however, the blue is my favourite.
    xoxo, B

  5. As one migraine suffer to another you have my sympathy. I am at my most creative just before the onset of a migriane, which is not very often now I am in my "middle years" . Warm regards,ElizabethXXX

  6. Just wonderful what you did with the hibiscus flower ! So creative !
    I just got a plant from my friend but it hasn't bloomed yet. It stands in our living room !

  7. I find that photo editing is one of the best ways to relax. I also love playing around with my editing software, I spend hours on it sometimes. Looks like you enjoyed it too. Well, no matter how many beautiful effects we can get from each edit of a flower, I think God's original is by far the very best.
    Nice post Loree.

  8. I am on day two of my migraine, yearning for sleep and blackness
    your flower is lovely, i can feel the warmth of malta's sun through those photos

  9. Dear Loree - I feel exactly the same way when there has to be a scientific explanation for everything. The creator certainly knew what He was doing when he just spoke it into being. Nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Love your Hibiscus - hope your migraine is better. Take care.

  10. What an eye opener. I love the 2nd photo the best. Such wonderful colors jumping out. Relaxing a bit and letting go of stress and taking time to smell the flowers always helps.

  11. How fun to see the entirely different 'looks' of the flower. We've have a huge hibiscus plant in our yard. It is still blooming like crazy. I've been out of commission as well with a cold. At first it was nice to slow down...I even stayed in my jammies ALL day the second day. Now, I'm bored with feeling so run down...I have so much I want to do!

  12. I love that Keats' line. Also love the turquoise edit, and the black and pink one. It was fun to see one flower with so many faces!

  13. I love playing with my photos in edit when I am stressed out. Yes, each layer or each change that I made brought out different thoughts and feelings.

    I hope your migraine is better. If you have Epsom salt, soak in it; it helps!

  14. I used to love dark rooms (minus the smell!). I could play with photos for hours, soaking them in all those chemicals (forget what they are called :-D).

  15. i hope you're feeling better! i love the images of the blossom (i enjoy playing around with digital photos too but don't know how to achieve the cool effects you have here) ~


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