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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Tale Of Christmases Past

Christmas is my favourite time for making memories. Like a child, I await Christmas with the expectation that something magical will happen during this season. And it is with a child’s same sense of excitement that I open up the boxes in which we store our Christmas decorations. I know that many people decorate their tree around a theme or around a certain colour scheme: red and gold; silver and blue; pick and purple … But our tree is a little bit different. Perhaps you can call it a celebration in diversity. All our ornaments are hand-picked. They are there for a reason. Either because they are totally wacky and unexpected, or because they evoke precious memories of events, people or places.
Ornaments 077
Mementoes from our travels bring with them memories of the sluggish canal waters on a hot summer’s day; of gently falling snow-flakes at the Schonnbrun Christmas market; of the wild-life and sweeping vistas at Rocky Mountain National Park.
There are fragments of our life: our first Christmas together, a token from our wedding and that most precious Christmas, in 2006, which was our son’s first.
A sweet  memento of a much-loved cat (who had heaps of cattitude) whose cheeky face is still greatly misssed.
There’s a little bit of each of us on the tree. My husband’s native city, his beloved baseball team and his passion for electric guitars. There’s a mouse for the Mischief Maker (in honour of his favourite soft toy) and a cute little baby dinosaur – because which little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs? And, of course, there are little pieces of me – angels and teddy-bears and hand-made gifts from friends.
And perhaps the most poignant memory of all, the oldest ornament on the tree, a little pink angel that used to hang on my mother’s tree and on my Nanna’s tree before that. If only it could talk, what wonderful stories it would tell.
Ornaments 040
Ten memories, a hundred memories, strung around the tree, like a garland of pearls. Little ornaments with heart-warming tales to share. So I’ll pull up an arm-chair, sip some mulled wine and wait for their whispered secrets to fill the pine-scented air.
That’s when it’s time to let the magic of Christmases past wash over me and work within me. Treasured moments that will remain with me forever.
Ornaments 038
May you all make wonderful memories this Christmas season.


  1. Loree, whenever I see that you have a new post, I am always so content and look forward to savoring it. This one was no exception of course and how beautiful your tree is with all of the memories attached to it. Growing up, our family tree was always the same. Here in France, I find it is more of a challenge to find the ornaments that mean something but little by little, perhaps we will get there!
    Sending all my Best to you too during this wonderful season. Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that you were saying that the heat would never leave? :)

  2. Ah, so lovely Loree. Christmas=Magic!

  3. I also wait for magic or miracle to happen during this time. Something deep inside of me believes that.

    Your tree and ornaments are all so special with such beautiful memories in each one! What treasures you have right in your hands, Loree.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. You may well call it your "Special Christmas Family Tree" a beautiful tradition to pass on to your mischief maker!
    I think it's a beautiful collection of memories!

  5. I adore the little pink angel - what a wonderful memory to carry forward
    Enjoy your Christmas

  6. Dear Loree - each ornament is precious - your tree has such beauty too. I especially love the pink angel of your nana and mom's - some treasures are priceless and it looks like you have so many - May you too have the warmest of memories. Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  7. Your tree is much like mine, filled with an eclectic collection of memories.

  8. That's a very cheerful Christmas tree decoration ! I also don't like the "chic" once ! Ours had always been full of little wooden things for kids and everything what looked funny in between the colored balls.
    When I was a child I always had a nice Christmas tree my father loved to decorate it and I wasn't allowed to see it until Christmas Eve ! What a suspense. All that changed when I married.

  9. Want to see the ugliest Christmas tree in the world ? it's here

  10. Lovely post as always Loree...our tree is similar to yours, we like to call it "Our Memory Tree" and each year we add to it : ) Best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  11. What a lovely tree! (Our ornaments evoke memories for us, too.) Wishing you a happy Christmas, filled with love.


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