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Monday, 17 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas

Reality, sometimes, just slaps you in the face and stops you rudely in your tracks. It happened to me, this past weekend, as I am sure it happened to all of you.
A few weeks ago I made a new online friend who you can visit at Always Josefa. In one of her recent posts Josefa challenged me to reveal what I would ask for if I got to sit on Santa’s knee. Well, I am a bit too old to believe in Santa but I was planning on playing along and letting you know what this girl craves. But then came the tragedy in Newton CT and a part of me just shut down. You see, I was angry; more than angry, I was outraged. And shocked; and deeply, immeasurably sad. At the futility of it all. At the tragic loss of so many innocent lives. What type of person do you have to be to look at the faces of such young children and cold-bloodedly pull the trigger? This weekend I lost all sense of comprehension and, outside my house, it was a dark and bitter world.
USA 056
My heart broke for those parents as I thought of gifts that would remain unopened under the Christmas tree; of stuffed animals that would no longer be cuddled; of smiles cut short by a murderous monster.  Because that is what he was and I will not mince my words. Why, why? I angrily asked. But, of course, no answer was forthcoming.USA 070
What do I wish for this Christmas? It is probably what we all wish for. To change the events of last Friday and bring back all those little angels. But, of course, that is impossible and definitely not a miracle that can be pulled off by a fat man in a red velvet suit. And that’s when I thought of El Maestro, as Suze loves to call him – the great conductor up in the sky. This was one wish that he alone has the power to grant. USA 074-1
It is a simple wish, for the children of the world. May they all have food and water and clothes. May they all have a warm bed at night and loving hands to tuck them in. May they never see a gun or learn what a bomb is. And may they always know love, kindness and compassion. Is it too much to ask? Children deserve no less. Let us all be brave enough to look at the world through their eyes, even if it is for just one day. Learn to love unconditionally, as they do and be quick to forgive and forget as only they know how.
Chadwick Lakes (36)
I’ve heard it said that butterflies are the souls of children. For all those little souls that were lost, may butterflies gently guide them to the land of no goodbyes.


  1. This is so beautifully put that I don't know what to say Loree but thank you.

  2. A beautiful post Loree , a tribute to those 20 angels.
    If you have time please read this moving poem in memory of the Sandy Hook Children, it was posted yesterday on my favorite Forum. Here is the link:


  3. Dear Loree - I think we are all struggling with the sorrow and the terrible senselessness of this evil. There are no words to express the helplessness we all feel. In this time all we can do is look up. God cares and in the end I firmly believe light will shine through this dark world. It already has in your post and in the tears and hugs of so many who care. God bless.

  4. As I get ready to fly home, it is hard to face this hard news. I am thinking of how the CT community, the world and most especially the parents, family and friends of those who died would come to terms with these especially with the holidays coming. I am sad, and all I can do is send them my prayers.

  5. Loree, this is such a gorgeous post
    It is incredible how in the blink of an eye things can change
    I love your perspective on butterflies, how incredible it is that we both have butterflies to write about this week
    I have shared your story across my fb and twitter, I hope many others get to stop by and share your beautiful words

  6. I fully agree with you, there is nothing to add ! it's so sad !
    Belgian school children have planted 26 oak trees for each victim one, in Bastogne famous for WW II

  7. So beautiful and touching, Loree. Yes, imagine if everyone could look at the world through the eyes of children, as you said, even if only for a little while. Love those butterflies.

  8. I can't find solace for what happened, and like you I thought of the families that are living..what they must go through in their daily life without that loved one. We can pray, for them, and that is all we can do.



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