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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Colours Of Our Winter

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Perhaps it’s easy to love winter when you live in this part of the world. After all, the skies are often blue and, although some trees are leafless, there are plenty of wild flowers to make up for that. So the landscape is rarely drab, rarely grey.
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There’s the bright yellow of the Cape Sorrel flowers; the grass is green; and oranges hang heavily on boughs of citrus trees like incandescent orbs. It never feels like Nature is taking a long sleep; just that she is waiting, in anticipation of spring, ready to work her magic at any minute.
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Winter countryside (11)
Yes, the occasional storm does pass us by, and the heavens will pour down rain or hail; the sea is whipped into a frenzy and the clouds skedaddle across the sky.
Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 018
There is uninhibited power in the raging waves. And the colours … oh the colours – how they change and blend, from deep blues to indigo to teal and sea-foam green … I would need to be an artist to be able to name them all.
Stormy Weather 14.02.09 Golden Bay (66)
 Golden Bay 07.02.10 066
But the storms don’t last for very long. I wish that they would sometimes. After all, there’s something cozy about winter. Something very heart-warming about wearing fleece pyjamas and watching re-runs of old movies with a mug of steaming cocoa.
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Really cold days seems to be very rare though. Maybe my memory is getting hazy, but it always seems like winters were colder when I was growing up and the wind always seemed to be howling. Or maybe as children we only remember the extremes.
On the back-path (12)
The flu has held me hostage for over a week. My fever has broken but my body still feels battered and listless. I was feeling grey and drab. But today, I am finally feeling human again. Colour is back in my life again – the vibrant colours of our too-short winters.
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Photos from  my archives
Location: Chadwick Lakes,  Golden Bay, Dingli Cliffs


  1. I would gladly swap our cold Winters here in the North of Italy for the milder Maltese Winters. We cannot even take decent photographs during the grey Winter months. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. The images of the ocean are simply extraordinary, Loree, (even a little scary.)

    Favorite line: 'It never feels like Nature is taking a long sleep; just that she is waiting,'

  3. i'm so sorry to hear you've been sick loree :((
    please feel better soon xoxo

    p.s. i LOVE these fotos but especially the 4th from last of the rolling waves.....

  4. I hope you feel better soon Loree, love the colours, description and photographs in this post
    I have only visited Malta in the summer and I was too young to remember the winters there
    Maybe one day, I'll be back in the winter xx

  5. Just beautiful Loree...your photos have lifted my spirits..from one 'fluey' girl to another.. xx

  6. Hello Loree:
    The sea in all its moods is always a source of fascination for us. How beautifully you capture it here with your photographs and, as you say, finding the words can be challenging to describe its colours, power and sheer majesty!

    We are pleased to read that you are feeling more yourself after being unwell. Flu can be so debilitating. Take care and stay warm!

  7. If I had such a nice winter, I wouldn't hibernate ! Beautiful pictures !

  8. Beautiful colours and I always love the sea no matter the season. It's freezing here!
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend! xoxo, B

  9. It's been a bad flu year. Glad you're feeling better, but be sure to rest until you're completely well! Many folks I know have gone back to normal activity too soon, only to suffer for weeks with lingering coughs and multiple rounds of antibiotics :(

    I loved your "winter" post. Felt like I was visiting your part of the world...

  10. What a lovely place to call home, Loree :-)

  11. Dear Loree - I love your winter colors. Hope you are back to normal. That flu has been nasty stuff here in the U.S. - must be bad everywhere. Take care and have a great day.

  12. Well Loree, your photos and words are beautiful to see and read as I've caught your flu and was down this past week. I would gladly trade my winter for yours any time.


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