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Monday, 7 January 2013

My Favourite Blogs in 2012

When I first started blogging the last thing that I expected to find was kindred spirits. But perhaps I was being naïve because our senses have a way of leading us to those places where our heart needs to be. At first, I read the blogs of those people who read mine. But as time passed, I ventured out and started dropping by and leaving comments in places where the style of writing, or the message, really struck me. New friendships were born and my life was all the more enriched by these wonderful women ( yes, I seem to read women almost exclusively) sending their thoughts out into the great universe of cyberspace.
At the start of this new year I thought I would share with you the blogs that I keep returning to, the ones whose posts I hate to miss and which you might also like to visit. So, here they are, in no particular order:
Subliminal Coffee – written by Suze and always thought provoking. There are many subtle ways in which Suze and I are alike, and she has this incredible way of giving words to my thoughts. Suze is an incredible writer with a wonderful talent and her writing moves me more than she can ever know. I feel that if I ever met Suze for a cup of coffee we would talk for hours.
Picnic at Dwejra (12)
Lost In Arles – I had never heard of Arles before I chanced upon this wonderful blog written by Heather. Heather is a travel writer who moved to France to be with the love of her life and she is slowly introducing me to the beauty of Provence, its quaint old villages and beautiful countryside. Heather has a natural way of drawing you in to her corner of the world. She takes beautiful photos and seems to see the world through my eyes and has made it her special quest to seek out the patina of age, the crumbling facades, the rusty door-knockers, the little everyday things which probably have an enchanting story to tell. Thanks to Heather, Provence has made it to my list of places I want to visit.
Picnic at Dwejra (14)
Travels With Persephone – Amanda is an archaeologist and writer. She writes about the here and now and about her life as an archaeologist on Ithaca. I have been an avid reader of the Greek myths since childhood so reading Amanda’s blog was a natural progression. What makes it even more interesting is that, because Amanda lived on Ithaca, it makes the place and the legends become so much more real. Needless to say, Greece is another place that I long to visit.
Picnic at Dwejra (46)
Baroque Sicily – this blog is written by Jann Huizenga an American expat writer who has been living on and off in Sicily since 2007. Jan takes beautiful photos and I love to see Sicily and its people through her lens; and the more I see of this island to our north, the more I am able to pick up the similarities between Sicily and Malta. Looking at Jan’s photos of Sicilians going about their daily business, it always strikes me that we are not only linked culturally but that many of us share the same genes. Sicilians and Maltese look so  much alike that I am sure many of us had common ancestors. (Maybe one day, when I retire or have a lot of time on my hands, I will delve into our family tree and find out).
Picnic at Dwejra (87)
My Marrakesh – Maryam Montague, who writes this blog, has quite an impressive list of achievements to her name: humanitarian, democracy specialist, writer, author of Marrakesh By Design and owner of Peacock Pavilions, a boutique guesthouse in Marrakech. Maryam is an inspiration to women around the world and her tales about Marrakech have me constantly wondering about this exotic location.
Garden Flowers (1)
Agnes’ Pages – I believe that Agnes wears her heart on her sleeve and has some profound insights about life that only come to those who have travelled extensively and to places beyond the comfort zone of many. I have lived vicariously through her trips and I am the more enriched for it.
Garden Flowers (11)
Spain Daily – Jane may not write too many words but her photos provide an exquisite view of life in Spain, and occasionally beyond. What I love most about her photos is how she focuses on the details to tell a story in pictures. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Jane for the pretty necklace she recently sent me after I won a give-away on her blog.
Garden Flowers 2 (5)
I would also like to mention Gattina at Writer’s Cramps whose sense of humour always makes me giggle – even on really bad days - and Jeanne at Collage Of Life whose writing is always so inspirational and who always comes up with wonderful snippets of her life to share with her readers.
So there they are, the women who challenge, inspire and amuse me. There are others, of course, because each blog I read is special in its own way, but I cannot mention everyone or this post would be even longer than it already is. And before I sign off, I would like to thank all my readers, old and new, for their continued encouragement and positive comments. In one way or another, you have all touched my heart.
Photos: March Flowers at Dwejra and at home.
March 2012


  1. Thank you for all of these excellent links to explore, Loree! And cheers to the mentions of Heather and Amanda -- two women whose words and images I cherish as much as yours. I pray that shared cuppa is indeed in our future.


  2. Thank you nice sharing,I wish happy years,with my best wishes

  3. Oh Loree, it is so like you to give such a generous gift and have it be a surprise! Thank you so very much for your kind words and for opening up the doors to so many new writers to explore. I am very grateful that we found each other (thanks to Suze! Yes?) and always look forward to hearing your perspective and your dreams. Yes, I will keep working hard to lure you here one day...

  4. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs, Loree.

  5. I do know Suze's, Agnes' and Maryam's blogs but I look forward to exploring the others on your list! Thank you for including me in your group of favorite blogs - I am honored♡

  6. Loree, I cannot wait to peek into the lives of the blogs listed above. I already follow Collage of Life and I agree...she has a captivating way to bringing us along with on her many journeys. I'll check out the one from Provence. You realize your world has just as much an exotic allure as many of the other islands and place you enjoy going to visit!

  7. Loree..I opened your post this morning with a cup of coffee in hand and am so glad that I did. I visited them all! I have long been a fan of Heather's as much as yours. Two travelling kindred spirits. I loved that I have had a chance to meet new bloggers, fellow travellers, who share similar interests. The journey has been fascinating...all over a cup of coffee. I thank you my friend, for including me in your wonderful list. It was truly inspiring and had me looking at life on my morning walk with a different twist. Thank you for that!
    Warm wishes from Saigon...
    Jeanne xx

  8. What a lovely post with such cheerful flower pictures, just what I need in this grey weather and thank you so much to mention me, I am happy if I can make you laugh !

  9. Dear Loree - thank you for sharing your blogs with us... I will certainly enjoy visiting them. May you have a wonderful week.

  10. Happy New Year, Loree. Thanks for sharing the blogs with us.

  11. Beautiful post! I am so looking forward to spring. It will be close to 70 degrees here today, but I'm certain colder, snowy weather is in the future.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend! xoxo, B

  12. Your blog is one of my favorites! I get to escape to another part of the world with your photos, and beautiful thought!

  13. great photos Loree, off to explore some of these new blogs xx

  14. Wonderful insights, thank you!


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