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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

High On A Hill

Winter countryside (59)
There is a cross, high on a hill, in a place called Girgenti. It has long been a place of worship, a place of pilgrimage. But, most importantly, it is a place of utter solitude. That’s one of the places where the wind took my Mischief Maker and I last Friday.
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (52)
We drove, through a road so narrow that I thought my little car’s sides would be scraped by the rubble walls, and inched our way slowly about three quarters of the way up the hill. Then we came to the end of the surfaced road. My tyres spun uselessly on slippery cobblestones. It was time to stop the car (in an entrance to a field) and walk.
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (4)
At the base of the limestone plinth, on which the cross is mounted, we stopped to catch our breath. Carved in the stone were the names of hundreds. I wondered what drove them to do that – was it thoughtless vandalism or the very human desire to leave their mark on something more permanent than human life?
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (19)
Heaven seemed so close up there that I felt I could reach up and touch it. Before us, the view stretched out for miles; far, far out to the  shimmering sea.
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (10)
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (45)
It was idyllic. But seven-year-olds have no time for idle nonsense. We were soon walking around, creating fantastic stories and dreaming wild dreams. We came across so much prettiness up there, so many signs of spring, that I was reluctant to  leave. But other places beckoned. There was more exploring to be done …
Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (40)
Although this has nothing to do with what I wrote above, I could not resist sharing the photo below. This is what I saw from our balcony when I drew back the curtain this morning.
Etna - from our balcony (2)
Looming on the horizon, majestic  Mt Etna seemed larger than life. This is the first time that I have seen the mighty volcano from these shores. I guess all the atmospheric conditions that are required for her to reveal herself to us, about 75 miles away, were in place. Or the stars were perfectly aligned. Or it was just our lucky day.


  1. What a beautiful way to end the post, Loree, with the special image of Etna.

    The image of the cross and your opening words, then the thought of you stepping out of your car when the way become too narrow are all just so perfect. Thank you.

  2. What a fun place to explore on a sunny spring day. I wouldn't have had the courage to drive on the narrow road between rubble walls, so I'm glad you did the driving and shared the amazing views. And what a thrill to see Mt Etna from your window!

  3. Loree - once again you and your camera and mischief maker managed to capture the most breathtaking photos. I can't imagine driving down that narrow road...I am sure my little car would have scraped the wall. Thanks so much for sharing this blessed post. Please thank the mischief maker for taking you on this beautiful journey. Have a great week-end.

  4. What a beautiful write up Lorna.......not sure if I had ever been to Girgenti........Malta is so gorgeous in the Spring .........and of course the Mischief Maker makes any outing interesting. And to catch Mt. Etna at the right moment is most amazing..........what a treat.

  5. What a very beautiful place !

  6. How beautiful, Loree! Magnificent view from the top of the hill, and those names that were carved in the stone were very interesting to see. I wonder if I was there, would I have a desire to do same!

  7. Seven is such a great age for dreaming dreams and telling stories. Enjoy it! (And those wildflowers quite take my breath away.)

  8. P.S. I, too, loved the carvings in the stone below the cross.

  9. Wow. that view of Mt. Etna is so beautiful. You live in such a beautiful place and seeing scenes from your island is so wonderful. I love that you mentioned that 7 year olds have no patience for "idle nonsense". So true!

  10. Those fields are truly beckoning - and Mt Etna so magical in the distance xx


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