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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Chasing Shadows

Seeing the world in black and white.
The Petting Farm (30)
In the sharp contrast of darkness and light.
Medieval Mdina 071
In the play of sunshine and shadows.
Mdina Ditch 098
There is a timeless mystery in a world without colour.
Medieval Mdina 073
An enduring beauty that transcends generations.
Medieval Mdina 074
I am shunning the spot-light -
Medieval Mdina 094
Just chasing shadows.
Location: Ta’ Qali; Mdina


  1. Magical black and white photography. Stunning captures Loree!

  2. Black and white always has just a haunting cast to it. Hey, Loree, do you know if you dream in color?

  3. i love the shadow shot in photo #3. (and i didn't know you loved rabbits!)

  4. Absolutely beautiful Loree!! I find black and white so hard--and you make it look easy. :)

  5. Great black and white series, I like the last one the best!

  6. Outstanding black and white photos with shadow, Loree! I like the third photo best..

  7. Outstanding black and white photos with shadow, Loree! I like the third photo best..

  8. Beautiful photos, Loree! The shadows of the grillwork in the the third photo are fantastic!

  9. This is a stunning group of images, Loree. I adore black and white photography - it adds another layer of mystery to images and you clearly have accomplished that here.

  10. I hope your soul is in a more colorful mood ! I honestly prefer color pictures although it's said that black and white is more artistic !

  11. Dear Loree - I love those shadows you are chasing. Black and white may appear simple but there is mystery in the shades of gray. As always I did so enjoy my visit.

  12. I caught my breath on that third photo - stunning - just stunning xx


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