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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Liebster Means Dearest

Suze has awarded me the Liebster Award, which I will graciously accept and pass on. I now need to share 11 fun facts about myself, answer Suze’s 11 questions, pass it on to 11 other bloggers and come up with 11 new questions for ‘the chosen ones’ to answer.
Eleven facts
1. My favourite colour is crimson but over the years I have developed a love for turquoise and all its variants, especially aqua.
2. The furthest place I’ve been from home is Los Cabos in Baja California, Mexico. My husband and I travelled there for our first anniversary. It was all about sun, sea and sand and is the most relaxing vacation that we have ever had.
Cabo San Lucas June 12-19 2004 213
3. The most awe-inspiring place I have been to is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The sheer magnitude of the place left me dumbfounded. Even my wildest dreams could not have imagined this marvel of nature. We visited the West Rim, the home of the Hualapai nation. I was over the moon to meet my first Native Americans.
4. I cook because I have to but I bake because I love to. Whenever we have people over, I always have to try a new dessert. The Mischief Maker loves to help too – especially if we are making anything that has chocolate in it.

5. Although they have been explained to me countless times, I am still clueless when it comes to the rules of a baseball game. My husband despairs.
6. I have an unhealthy aversion to snakes – even the local ones that rarely grow longer than 1 metre are capable of scaring the living daylights out of me. I am not sure why I find them so repulsive. I know they are not slimy and the ones here are not even poisonous (although they will bite) but, where snakes are concerned, I defy any attempts at reason.
              Source: Uploaded by user via Lorna on Pinterest

7. The above quote is my idea of a wonderful vacation. You will never get to know a city until you are truly and wonderfully lost.  My husband and I have endless arguments about my penchant for getting lost.
8. My favourite animals are Labradors, dwarf rabbits and British Shorthair cats.
9. I can never buy enough sandals and boots. Shoes are optional.

10. When I was a child I owned a stuffed animal monkey. I had named him Monkey Gibbons and I still have him.
11. Whenever I am feeling down, a musical blast from one of the hair metals bands of the late 80s or 90s is bound to cheer me up. This is still one of my absolute favourites.
Eleven questions from Suze.
1. Why do you blog? I blog because I enjoy writing but, most of all, because of all the people I am meeting along the way.
2. What is your goal for the next six months? It’s a secret but it involves photos.
3. The next year? I would definitely like to read all my camera manual and improve my photo-taking skills by using the manual setting on my camera more often.
4. The next five years? I never make such long-term plans.
5. If you could have any meal for dinner tonight, anywhere in the world, what would you have? I would definitely choose to have the tiramisu at Da Robertino in Rome.
6. Who are your influences? My parents.
7. Have you ever had a recurring (sleeping) dream? If so, care to share it? Yes. I went through a phase of dreaming that I’m eating gum and all my molars start coming out.
8. Without looking it up, do you know what your birth stone and zodiac sign are? Yes - Aquarius; garnet.
9. What was the first name of the first person you kissed/who kissed you? Oh dear, now everybody is going to know. His name was Peter Paul.
10. What is your favorite pizza topping? I’m not really into too many toppings. My favourite topping (if you can call if that) consists of tomato sauce, fresh  mozzarella and fresh basil – topped with a drizzle of olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.
11. Most interesting teacher you ever had? That would have to be Mrs Gauci. She was a Scottish lady and taught me in Grade 6. I absolutely loved her accent.
My Eleven Questions
1. What is your earliest memory?
2. What character from a book do you most identify with?
3. What is your favourite flower?
4. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be?
5. What would you talk about?
6. Have you ever won anything? If you have, what was it?
7. Do you prefer modern or vintage clothes, furniture etc?
8. What one event will forever remain etched in your  memory?
9. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book, which one would it be?
10. What is your favourite musical genre?
11. Can you ride a bicycle?
My 11 Nominees
It is really hard to find 11 people to nominate because so many people do not do blog awards anymore. But there’s no pressure to play. So I am choosing:
2. Josefa
3. Amanda
4. Doreen
5. Icy BC
6. Debbie
7. Glynis
8. Lucinda
9. Jeanne
10. Heather
11. Gattina


  1. Oh, Loree! This was fun to read. :)

    Those brownies look delectable. Fun fact #5 had me laughing out loud and I loooove your fun fact #7. Your answer to my second question is so mysterious! You really have me curious.

    Thanks for accepting the award and participating, Loree. This post really was a pleasure.

  2. How fun to quell our nosy minds with fun facts about you! I understand about the snakes, for me it is any kind of buzzing bee, wasp, hornet, etc. I amaze myself with how well I can "freak" out completely. You and I would have a wonderful time getting lost together and I would be completely satisfied to stop off somewhere and have a pizza with exactly those toppings! Next, you will have to tell us how you and your American husband met, ended up on an island, and how you've learned to write English so well!

  3. What a fun post this time!
    Thanks for the award and for inculding me in the eleven chosen names. I cannot promise I'll pass this on since the last times I did pass on a similar award none of the bloggers that I chose continued the thread and so I decided to stop giving awards. I am sure you'll understand. Thank you just the same Loree, very nice of you to think of me.

  4. This is a fun post, and a great read to know more about you, Loree!

    I could not think of 11 bloggers that would carry this on though, but I do appreciate your thought of me deeply in my heart.

  5. Thank you very much for this award ! Sorry to say it's a very old thing got it already in 2006 when I started blogging and at least 3 times more ! But it's very interesting to know that we have several points in common ! I love the same colors as you and all red tones and turquoise you find in my clothes ! Baseball or other game rules are a mystery to me and I don't make any effort to learn them, as I don't like men sports ! I also fell in love with the Gran Canyon, but I am not at all interested in shoes ! I never baked but used to love cooking (now not anymore, too lazy ! ) I love dogs, but my favorite animal are cats of course, lol ! I don't care about snakes, but I hate spiders ! And I love blogging because I love to write ! I also think that I learned a lot about other countries and lifestyles !

  6. It was fun getting to know you a bit better! (And I adore those boots :)

  7. Fantastic Loree! I wish I had the time to read all my camera manuals too! And, we only just bought a little dwarf rabbit (mini lop) this week - and she is the perfect addition to our little family!
    I would love to play along, hopefully I'll have my post up in the next two weeks xx

  8. I didn't know you had an aversion to snakes, Loree. I like snakes a lot but I occasionally have a scary dream about a bunch of rattlers chasing me.

  9. Hooray! Oh thank you so very much, Loree. I am touched to be included in your passing on of the torch! I too, am not sure if I can find eleven blogs to give the award to this time but will definitely answer your questions (they are so good!) either here or on my blog. Let me think about it...and I have to go as I am cooking...Pizza! Way too many toppings for you, I am afraid... :)
    Gros Bisous!!!

    1. Loree! My answers are up. :)
      Thank you again and Gros Bisous,

  10. MALTA is EXOTIC!How did you end up there?I will back track and try to find out!I gather from your trips your an AMERICAN?LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper on your site!

  11. Thank you for this award!

    (I'm out of town a lot lately as well as working on edits, so I must graciously pass on playing, but I am honored to be included in this wonderful group!)

    How wonderful to learn all these fascinating facts about you — I absolutely love that quote about putting down the map and getting lost (and I believe it as well) but your dream about eating gum and losing your molars is really strange! I agree about Cabo San Lucas.....such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful insights into your life!

  12. You sweet thing Loree, thank you! I will do my best to create a version of this and will be sure to you let you know when I do. I read this post earlier in the week but was unable to reply..I have been thinking long and hard on it. I loved your lovely to get to know you a bit better. Kindred many on that list. I look forward to discovering the others. Thank you!! xx

  13. Hi Loree! Thanks so much! You are so sweet. I loved reading your answers and I am totally with you on crimson and finding myself loving aqua and turquoise! I am cracking up at the hair band thing. I definitely blast a crazy mix of 80s music that is full of guilty pleasures. I will try to get to the award but I have posts scheduled to go out and things are a little crazy. (I have a few art shows upcoming and am madly trying to finish pieces, get them framed and do the stuff I am supposed to do for the group- the pastel society I am in) These awards take a lot of time and you did a great job of it! Love your questions! I grew up in California, by the beach, so I can definitely ride a bike (thanks to my poor dad- I'm not that coordinated!) And I love vintage. ;)


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