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Thursday, 23 May 2013


Have you ever been caressed by the winds of the Sahara? I have. There are days, like today, when the wind blows strongly from the deep south, carrying on its wings the fine, red dust of Africa. Some say that people do strange things when this wind blows. I can well believe it. For it is a fey wind; howling and moaning like an enraged jinn. We are completely at its mercy and bear the full brunt of its fury. For there is nothing but a hundred miles of frenzied waves between here and there.
Cornwall 673
But I don’t want to be talking about one of our winds again – they come and go as they please. Nor do I feel compelled to talk about what  transpired in London this past week. But I cannot ignore it – it weighs me down. I feel as if the world around me is slowly going mad. Fey, like the south-west wind.
Cornwall 674
In the face of one tragic event after another, I have lost the ability to feel anything except an intense anger coupled with a mind-numbing realisation that some ugly clouds have started to gather on our collective horizon. It makes me wonder whether we have the power to change the course the world has taken. Or are we just cogs in a wheel, playing our part until it’s time for our final curtain?
Cornwall 677
I have reached a point where I am turning off or tuning out of anything that I do not want to see or hear. Maybe I am just like an ostrich, with its head in the sand. Maybe I am just ignoring the inevitable or maybe it’s just my method of self-preservation; of retaining my sanity. Maybe … Maybe the answer is out there somewhere, blowing on the wings of a fey, fey wind.
Cornwall 420
Written in memory of Lee Rigby, 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of the Fusiliers,   murdered on the streets of London
May 22nd, 2013
I could have posted photos of angry, dust filled clouds but I thought that these beautiful Cornish poppies would be more appropriate.
English Poppies, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall


  1. Loree ,the world has gone mad and your post is a beautiful tribute to Lee. The poppy is a national flower down under for our soldiers, it is very fitting that you used it as your pictures - I'm choosing to switch off more so these days too - sanity is important to preserve xx

  2. yes, more appropriate, indeed, loree.

  3. There are so many things we don't understand nor find answers for what's happening in this world, Loree!

    Your beautiful words help to take my mind of. I also tune out, turn the ears to. A beautiful tribute to Lee Rigby! May his soul rest upon a star!

  4. Beautiful tribute, and wonderfully written with your description of the winds ...
    Lovely lovely photos. Sometimes I just have to tune out, after I watch a lot of news.
    News detox, and re-center myself. Hugs to you!

  5. A beautiful tribute. It was such a dreadful event, it broke my heart. I pour my feelings into poetry, and wrote one for Lee Rigby:

    The world needs to change, and change quickly. Sadly, it will only do so in our dreams. The Poppies are out here, and the storms have passed through, heading for your island. We are united in the winds.

  6. Loree - I too am saddened by such violence. As you know Boston is still very much on my mind. It is well though friend that you posted such a beautiful field of poppies - they remind us but also offer hope. We just need to keep looking up.

  7. I was in shock when I saw the news that day. It was more confused than angry. I really question what is really being "human" these days.

  8. What beautiful pictures ! We only heard little of what had happened in London during our round trip which finally was good. My trip was really wonderful ! One of the best I ever did ! Well organized, very nice hotels (always IBIS or Premier Inn) and we were so lucky with the weather except the last day of our tour and the day in London. I came back yesterday night, tired but happy ! Thanks for your comments ! Now I have a lot to do with all the pictures I have taken !

  9. It's difficult to know where to channel these powerful and complex emotions. Your images and words are a fitting and respectful memorial for that young man's life.


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