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Thursday, 30 May 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Those are the words that I whisper to my Mischief Maker nearly every day. And he is. He really is.  His smile is contagious, his dimple reflected by my own. I can see that his innocence is fast wearing away at the edges. So I make the most of every precious minute. I indulge his exuberant fantasies. I make up stories about friendly mice and pretend there are dinosaurs hiding in the wardrobe.
Sicily 022
You are my sunshine … he’ll never know how many grey days he’s made blue again. Another school year will be over by the end of June. Then the long summer days stretch before us, enticing us with new promises. Soon, it will be time for buckets and spades; sandy toes and sun-kissed skin.
Sicily 160
You are my sunshine … probably, when he’s older, he’ll cringe when he reads this. And then, when he’s older yet, he will probably smile. With that cheeky dimple of his.
Sicily 161
Ceramics from Caltagirone and Taormina, Sicily


  1. The Mischief Maker is all that and more. I too hate to see innocence in children being taken over by worldliness.........but I guess they must grow. He still makes our world a bit brighter every day.

  2. Beautiful, uplifting images to go with your lovely words, Loree.

  3. My Mischief Maker was also my sunshine, they are all so sweet at this age, but add 10 years and the rain comes, lol !

  4. Your little sunshine is so lucky to have you for his mom! Beautiful ceramics!

  5. Loree - not sure if my comments went through the first time. My mom called me her sunshine. Sometimes she still does. Enjoy your summer with mischief maker. Time goes too fast and one needs all the good memories they can make for those grey days that sometimes comes.

  6. Your words about your son are adorable. And...those ceramic pieces are fabulous!

  7. My little mischief makers are my sunshine also <3 You are such a wonderful mommy and he is very lucky to have you. I doubt he will cringe. My boys and daughter always tell me how much they love me, even in front of all of their friends.
    Wishing you and MM a beautiful weekend of mischief!
    xoxo, B

  8. Words filled with motherly love, beautiful indeed. Just as beautiful as those ceramics.
    They say "Thank heavens for little girls" but in your case it's ... thank heavens for little boys!

  9. Those are beautiful ceramics, and that song I sang to my children too when they were little!

    I'm glad your "son-shine" fills you with love :-)

  10. A mother's love. He is so blessed to know it.

    (Thank you so much for your words of empathy and comfort as I go through the grief of my own dear mother's passing. And you are right - she is free and happy and loved more than she could ever imagine. I am holding on to that hope.)

  11. Loree, I sent you an email last week regarding our post card exchange. It's from a new email address. Did you get it?

  12. What a beautiful message for your son. Children really are the centre of our world - even on the craziest of days - as always, love your photos xx


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