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Thursday, 16 May 2013

If I Could Choose …

… any place in the world in which to live, I would choose this tiny harbour town on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall. Port Isaac is its name, or Porthysek in the Cornish tongue.
Cornwall 150
This quaint school house would be my home.
Cornwall 152
My windows would look out on this magnificent view.
Cornwall 146
I’d spend my days dreaming up tales of  Merlin and mermaids  … and … well, you know me enough by now to know that any story I choose to tell will have a strong dose of fantasy weaving its way through it.
The melancholic cry of the gulls would be my music.
Cornwall 157
And the haunting call of the sea would lull me to sleep.
Cornwall 167
On stormy days I’d sit with the fishermen and listen to them talk about the mighty ocean; of furious tempests and killer waves.
Cornwall 179
I would eat a mountain’s worth of Cornish ice-creams.
Cornwall 142
And take my walk through narrow, hilly streets.
Cornwall 177
Yes, if I could choose any place in the world to live, today I would choose this.
Cornwall 180
And tomorrow? Ah, I cannot tell you. Because tomorrow is a story for another day.
Location: Port Isaac, Cornwall, July 2012


  1. I felt like I just stepped into another life for a fleeting moment. That was absolutely enchanting, Loree.

  2. I would love to live there too ! Cornwall must be so beautiful from all what I have seen of it so far !

  3. Dear Loree - this is absolutely a beautiful spot. I certainly would agree that it makes a lovely home. The green hills are so breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. Also I am with you on eating that ice cream - I certainly would need a serving everyday :)

  4. haha! how true. i think this place looks magical, but i couldn't help wondering how cold and dark the winters must be...

  5. Looks like a nice place to retire to.

  6. I would choose this place too! It's like in a story of years pass, and the location by the sea couldn't be any better. Just magnificent!

  7. there is no coincidence that this is merlin's landscape - there is something very magical and mysterious about this corner of the world and you have captured its essence perfectly.

  8. What a charming place to live or visit. I love the green hills!

  9. What a gorgeous little place. Your photos have such a sense of magic to them xx

  10. Beautiful photos as always, Loree. It certainly is a lovely place to dream! I hope your parents have a wonderful time in Paris!
    xoxo, B


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