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Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Is …

… trips to the beach
End August 006
… basil and mint
… scorching days and balmy nights
… geckos on walls
August 2004 024
… cicadas and crickets
… sandy toes
… sunlight and shadows
Imnarja Eve 003
… sandals and flip-flops
… scurrying lizards
… fiery sunsets
September 2004 076
the dog days
… ice-creams
Tuscany 730
… running though water fountains
… peaches, grapes and prickly-pears
… family vacations
USA 240
These are some of the words that have ‘summer’ written all over them. Words that are linked to so  many wonderful memories. Which words say ‘summer’ to you?


  1. Unfortunately I don't like Summer so the words that come to mind are: heatwave, sweaty T shirts and hot sleepless nights. I live in the Italian interland and so I'm very far away from the sea so I cannot love this season, sorry!

  2. Loree, did you ever read the Contemporary Women's Fiction novel I recommended to you last year: Something Borrowed? It's set in summer, I just reread it this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm gonna re-recommend it to you. A perfect, perfect vacation read.

  3. I am listening to cicadas as I write this! (Geckos and lizards are also a part of my summer vocabulary :)

  4. Stubbed big toe,apricots, plums and peaches.................sweaterless at night!

  5. I am jealous I sit at the beach with jeans and T-shirt ! It's mixed weather and today it rains ! Bad for holidays !

  6. You essentially captured all the components of a robust summer experience: mint, basil, sunshine, waves, florid sunsets....and love those geckos on the walls ;)

  7. Wow, I love your fiery sunset! Some summer words for me are salads, watermelon, sandals, monsoons and butterflies. :)

  8. Such beautiful words that capture summer so well. Although, some are very unique to your summer and I love that even more x

  9. My words would be longer days, bbqs, caponata, capers, watermelon, walks along the promenade, an unexpected refreshing breeze, and forever carrying water bottles! Loved your choice of words :)


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