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Friday, 21 March 2014

Wasted Time

Nadur 010
Since I have taken this quote very much to heart, I fear that instead of sitting down to write, I have wasted my time scouring the Internet for inspiration for my travel scrapbook and for photos of hairstyles that might suit me (just in case I decide to go for a bit of a change). I have been productive in other ways though, as my scribbling on notebooks never ceases – nor does my photo-taking.
Dwejra and Fiddien 020
A plethora of wild flowers including giant fennel, asphodel and greater snapdragon
We had a national holiday last Wednesday and went exploring – as we are wont to do. We never expect to find anything new, but, somehow, we always do. Perhaps it’s because we tend to look at the world around us with wide-open eyes and find the unexpected in the mundane and ordinary. Because in reality, none of it is – ordinary, I  mean. When you don’t expect much, you are given a lot in return. Spring is definitely hard at work and she gives ungrudgingly. It’s a bit late to start writing about all the little big things but I definitely have enough material for a number of future posts. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed over that one.
Dwejra and Fiddien 019
Giant fennel umbel - opening up
And while we are on the subject of wasted time, here’s another of my all-time favourites:
Finally … I have recently joined Instagram. If any of you are on this other ‘time waster’, drop me a line, I would love to see what you are up to. My Instagram profile is here and my name is storiesandscribbles ( no surprise there).
Have a wonderful weekend and apologies if this post seems a bit all-over-the-place: I had a Nerf-gun war going on around me while I was writing it.  Thanks heavens for little boys and for big ones too.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how we 'discover' things we have already seen all over again?

  2. Great and useful quote
    I find inspiration by looking at news categories that I don't ordinarily look such as technology and business. Weird, and true.
    Hair styles online...not easy to find a website with good pictures and how to cut the style.

  3. 'We never expect to find anything new, but, somehow, we always do. Perhaps it’s because we tend to look at the world around us with wide-open eyes and find the unexpected in the mundane and ordinary.'

    That's my Loree. :)

  4. Ah Loree I always enjoy my visits to your part of the world. You are so right too the ordinary is never ordinary. You certainly know how to write and take lovely photos and I am sure that the time that you thought was wasted was really not at all - it was just a rest that you needed! Have a great week.

  5. I like that quote………..good thing as I sit a lot and just take it all in!Adore your photographs…….NEVER stop!I'm following YOU on INSTAGRAM!I have a different name………..I think you know that already but LA CONTESSA was taken so i went with ANTIQUE GODDESS!XXXX

  6. Loree I always love your photos and now I get to love them even more on IG!! As your Spring starts to blossom, Autumn is settling in here and for the first time in a long time, I'm not so sad that Winter is coming xx

  7. Love the quote - and was fascinated to see asphonel in your wonderful photos, which is also known as Persephone's flower!

  8. I think nothing is a waste of time if you like it. Even sleeping !


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