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Monday, 12 January 2015

2014: A Year of Small Discoveries

Looking forward. Looking back. Like a pendulum, my thoughts swing between what was and what might be. New hopes and dreams come with the birth of each year. But where we came from, our journey over the past 12 months is important too. We may walk near, or wander far from home, but each tiny step is a chapter in the story called Life.
I will always remember 2014 as the year that started in sunshine and ended with  swirls of tiny snowflakes that died an instant death as soon as the landed on anything. It could have been an omen. Or it was just a personal lesson that the impossible can happen. Despite what we may think, we are not in complete control. Which is perhaps why 2014 has been my year of small discoveries. A year during which I have taken the big picture and broken it down into teeny, tiny pixels. And then I re-arranged them all to tell a story. My story.
A story of finding magic  where none really exists. A story that I saw with my eyes but felt with my soul.
Like the colours of the winter sea.
Or the beauty of a spring sunset that set the sky on fire.
Like the splendour and decay that is Valletta
Or the crazy beauty of wild spring flowers.
Like London – my beloved, quirky, impossibly beautiful London.
Or swimming in secluded, almost inaccessible bays.
Like the Baroque grandeur of the Grand Master’s Palace.
Or the lure of wild places, crumbling chapels and unexpected colours on gateways that lead … Where?
Well, that is a story for another day; another year. Last year’s discoveries will hopefully lead to this year’s adventures. Come walk with me. I promise you will not be disappointed.


  1. A simple, yet beautiful reflection and a reminder of the importance of "stopping to smell the roses". There is wonder in the little things in our daily life that we often over look because of our business or stress. I hope 2015 delivers you its promises. xxx

  2. You live in a most beautiful place. The water there is the kind of dreams.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2015 with lots of fantastic discoveries!

  3. What a lovely post! I wish you another year of adventure. I love how you tell your stories.

  4. Hello Loree,

    Your beautiful montages capture a past year filled with beauty. You delight in every detail and encourage us, your fortunate readers, to also see life in its full glory. Simple pleasures such as the dawn and the sunset are there for us all but we do not always take the time to stand and stare. It is good that you encourage us to tarry over these simple pleasures and be grateful.

    And so a New Year is unfolding. We look forward to travelling with you, sharing your adventures and being part of your world. May peace, joy and prosperity follow you every day of 2015.

  5. I'm looking forward to it after this superb collection!

    Happy New Year! (I'm late. In France it is customary to wish someone all the best until the 31st!)

  6. Beautiful collages of your pictures from last year. You live already in a holiday place, you are lucky ! I love London too and from here it is not that far with the Eurostar, it takes me not even 2 h to get there !

  7. YOU have captured SO much BEAUTY..............and YOU PASSED THE TEST!
    I know 2015 will be a GOOD YEAR.......I can feel it in my bones!I would LOVE to come visit your island........maybe we can make that happen this year or next!I adore the history and the decay of the old buildings..........the color and the light!The water...........MY GOSH the clear clean's a MUST DO for me!Besides, on my husbands family side we had a KNIGHT of MALTA!So, I'm related ..kinda sort of..........!!!!XX

  8. Happy New Year to you Loree! I'm finally getting around to blog visiting again. It was wonderful to connect with your tiny island and hear stories from your world this past year. Here's to another fabulous year of food, photos, and friendship sharing!

  9. Loree!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh, I am late but I just saw your comment on Vicki's blog and came running over. I didn't know that we are almost the same age (I will be 46 in August) - you look so fabulous that I thought that you were younger. ;) And I missed this beautiful, beautiful post and your previous one with a very kind mention, thank you.

    I hope that you have nothing but wonderful things ahead for you this year. Is La Contessa's comment right? Did you pass the test??? I hope so. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family in 2015.
    Sending lots of Love and Belated Birthday Wishes,


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