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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Behind Closed Doors

As you know, it’s January, the month named after the Roman god Janus. And Janus, of course, is the god of transitions and beginnings; of gates and doorways.
Valletta 129-001
I’m a  January girl – born one exact month after the winter solstice. Maybe that might explain why I look to the future with my feet always rooted firmly in the past. It might also explain why I’ve always had an eternal fascination with doors. That’s the story I’m going with but, of course, you could say that I’m just curious and nosy.
Whatever the truth is, I find it hard to resist their allure. Some of them seem to have such grandiose aspirations.Valletta (11)
Others display the patina of the passing years with extreme nonchalance.
Valletta (21)
Doors are portals to worlds and stories which are not  ours; to lives we cannot share. There is a mystery behind each door; a story waiting to be told. Valletta (14)
I like to imagine what lies behind them. What secrets they protect. Valletta (16)
With my imagination in over-drive I dream up fantastic tales and improbable histories.Valletta 144
What better way to pass a rainy, January evening? Until next time …
Location: Valletta, April 2014


  1. Hello Loree,

    What a fabulous rainbow of doors you delight us with here.

    The architectural detail is incredible and the patina of ages is written large on their faces. And, as you say, one can only imagine the stories unfolding every day behind these closed doors.

    When we first came to Budapest it was very difficult to get beyond so many firmly shut and bolted doors. This situation has eased in recent times and nowadays we often find ourselves investigating further when a door is left slightly ajar. What fun we should have exploring Valletta in this way!

  2. I am also January born. I, too, have a strong connection to my past, and I think it keeps me grounded and firm in my life's decisions.

    Cheers to January babies!

  3. Happy Birthday, my love! Here's your present--door number three!! :) :)

  4. ME TOO!!!!
    I ADORE DOORS........especially in EUROPE!Then there are the door knockers!!!!!!!
    I will NEVER be BORED of DOOR WATCHING!MY front door is YELLOW!Whats your front door like......?May I be a wee bit nosey!??XX

  5. You found real beautiful doors ! I love these old once, I always look for them too !

  6. All of the doorways are fascinating! Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Hello Loree,
    You have captured the colour and mystique behind these great doors. It appears like all of us are intrigued by the lives lived behind doors and create our own stories.


  8. I love windows and doors and I took a ton when our cruise ship docked in Valletta. It's doors and windows heaven there.

  9. What a gorgeous set of doors — happy birthday dear Loree!!! xoxo

  10. Dear Loree - Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful celebration. Loved seeing your doors... all were beautiful and your words that accompanied the pictures touched my heart as always. So glad to see that January is off to a lovely start - now if you could send me some of that warm weather I would be grateful (LOL)! Thanks too friend for "looking up" for me it means so much - Hugs.

  11. Ooooops, bon anniversaire en retard ! You have a wonderful array of doors here, I have to admit I'm a bit like you and now my imagination is running wild especially about the open one and the old shop...

  12. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Fabulous photos of lovely doors with very interesting write up.

    Yes, there is a story behind each door of people who lived and died. of happiness and sadness, of childhood and old age, of egos and clash of ideas, of children playing and dancing, of enterprises and ambitions, of celebrations like weddings and birthdays, of financial gain and losses, of laughter and weeping. There door hide stories of people who lived there from outsiders.

    Wish you all the best

  13. I LOVE this post. What fabulous doorways (especially the tobacconist's shop.) And you're a writer, so of COURSE a door, to you, is the beginning of a story :)


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