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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chocoholics Heaven

Those of you that know me, know that chocolate is very dear to my heart ... or rather, my taste buds. So enjoy this short story, which should make your mouth water:
I am standing outside a store on top of which is an old sign emblazoned, in gold paint on a brown background, with the one single most magical word: Chocolat. In the window, a sign: Enter and Eat Your Fill for Free During This Happy Hour. I hesitate for just the briefest moment before turning the handle and opening the door. On entering, I am almost bowled over by the thick, heady scent of the chocolate on display. The shop is empty except for a plump beaming man with a pink face as round and dimpled as a full moon. On his nose, he has a pair of perfectly round rose-coloured spectacles.
“Welcome,” he says “the place is at your disposal for one hour.” He pauses and then adds “But be warned – if you’re greedy, everything will disappear and you will suffer from very bad indigestion. Go, your hour starts now.”
I glance at the clock above his head. It is exactly four o’clock. I focus my gaze on the chocolate goodies. With what will I start? I decide that the chocolate fountain was a good place. Grabbing a small plastic cup, I fill it up and drink. The velvety richness hits my taste buds and floods my mouth with an acute gastronomic pleasure. Mmm…I lick my lips and decide that I will move on to the truffles: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate – I try one of each and then try the chocolate coated strawberries; next, the chocolate marzipan balls followed by chocolate nut clusters. I look again at the clock. I had already eaten through my first half hour. I need to move on. Then my eyes fall on the dark chocolate mint patties: my absolute favourites. I take one, delighting in the contrast of fresh mint and bitter dark chocolate. Delicious. Exquisite. Irresistible. I take another one and another, stuffing them hurriedly inside my mouth, hoping Mr Round-Specs would not see. Then suddenly ‘Pouf’… and everything disappears.
I wake up with a sweet taste in my mouth. An empty box of chocolate peppermint patties is on my lap…

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  1. :0 that was so good! What a lovely dream and ending.


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