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Friday, 16 January 2009

Rainy Days

I know that rainy days depress many people. The grey sky and lack of light in general makes a lot of people feel down. I suppose I am strange, or maybe just different, but I love rainy days. Perhaps it’s because I come from a land of sunshine. It seems as if the sun shines almost every day here. So sometimes I crave grey and rainy days. The gentle drumming of the rain as it falls is a soothing melody to my ears. When it is rainy and windy, the rain plays a staccato melody on the window pane. My favourite thing to do on a day like that is to cuddle under the blankets and listen to the sound of the falling rain. Rainy days have so much character. You can never tell how much rain will fall, how stormy it will get. It is like a small mystery waiting to happen. Will there be any thunder, crashing and booming in the heavens? Will the sky light up with jagged paths of lightning? Will it be a full blown storm or will the rain just patter down gently? I watch with satisfaction as the pure rain water washes away the grime of the streets, removes the dust from flowers and leaves, waters the fields and causes the crops to grow. Without rain, any place would be a desert; forlorn, incapable of sustaining life. With rain comes renewal; a promise of new growth and new life. Whether it falls on us gently or pours down heavily, it never ceases to make me feel renewed and refreshed. When, the rain stops, the sun comes out and shines on a sparklingly clean landscape. Sometimes, droplets of rain will still be in the sky and a rainbow will form, promising a new beginning. The air smells clean and pure. The rain has come and gone. It has quenched the earth and cleansed the air. Rain is a blessing from above.


  1. When I lived in the UK I hated every grey day, now I love to see the rain for all the reasons you state! 4yrs of drought conditions, every drop that falls is so precious.

  2. We had rain today! The birds are bathing like crazy.
    Just to let you know there is something on my blog for you.


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