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Saturday, 17 January 2009


Photo courtesy of my mother-in-law: Cathy D.
I belong to an online writing community and, as a weekly exercise, we submit a flash based on one of five prompts. The number of words allowed varies every week. Below is a flash about snow which could not exceed 150 words. I hope you enjoy it.

Silently I fall from puffy grey clouds. Every part of me made up of countless individual momentary flakes, frozen in time. I have no form but take the shape of that on which I gently land. Beneath me I clothe a rainbow-coloured world, white. I lie and await my fate. Angry winds sometimes buffet me and lift me. They take me to places beyond my control. Children greet me with joy as they mould me and form me into balls. For a while I share their games; feel their warmth through mittens and gloves – that same warmth that will destroy some individual parts of me. My time here is scant, for soon the sun will gain its strength and, helpless to resist its deadly warmth, I will slowly melt: for I am snow.


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