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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Three Countries, Three Sunsets

I seem to have an everlasting fascination with sunsets. I know I have written about it already but the wonder of a beautiful sunset is something that I cherish long after it is over. So, I thought I would share 3 different sunsets with you. The photos were taken in three different countries. All were taken during the summer months. What amazes me is how different the colours in the three photos are. As I said in my other post, not one sunset is like another. So here are the three I am sharing today:

Sunset in Canton, Missouri, USA

Please forgive the slight blurriness of this picture. It was taken last summer while we were travelling on a highway. The gold in the sky and the red in the clouds really complement the dark lower half of the picture. I remember we were on our way from Hannibal to Canton when I took this picture. I was expecting the image to be much less sharp but in actual fact I really like the way it turned out. The object was to capture the sunset and I think that the photo did this very well.

Sunset at Mtarfa, Malta

This picture was taken last June from our house. The sun had just set and only the reddish pink colour in the clouds remained to remind us of its warm presence. We are lucky because we live on top of a hill with no houses behind us and the sun sets behind the hill which you are seeing in the photo. During spring and summer I wash dishes and watch the sunset. It really helps to see something so beautiful while doing such a mundane chore.
Sunset over the Venetian Lagoon, Venice, Italy
This photo was taken while we were on the vaporetto on our way back to the hotel. We had walked around Venice for the best part of the day and there was no way we were going to walk all the way from Piazza San Marco to Dorsoduro, where our hotel was. The vaporetto does not travel at a very fast speed. This ensures that vibrations in the water, which could damage the foundations of the buildings, are kept to a minimum. As a result it makes it a very ideal platform from where to rest your legs and take some wonderful photos.
I am thinking of posting a photo of a sunset every month and writing something about it. So this is my sunset post for February. Now I need to go out and take some pictures before the sun sets :)


  1. Beautiful photos of sunset!

    And I love the template!

  2. I love sunsets and these were lovely!

  3. I enjoy sunsets a great deal as well. I love to stop whatever I'm doing and go outside, because I think the air smells different at sunset than at any other time of day.


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