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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Unshed Tears

Today I am posting a flash about Grief that was voted Flash of the Week on Secret Attic. It had to be exactly 100 words long. That word exactly was a bit intimidating, at first. I had never written anything that was exactly a certain number of words long. It was always 'not more than x words' or 'between x and y words'. So it was quite a challenge for me initially. But I really enjoyed it and I got a thrill out of writing a flash of just 100 words which still managed to convey so much in so little (at least I hope it does). I hope that you enjoy it and I look forward to all your comments.
He bent over the body of his squaw, his anguished face hidden by his long black hair. The remnants of his tribe stood around him respectfully, mournfully. They could understand his grief for they had suffered and lost too. Every now and then his arched, copper-red back heaved. No sound escaped his lips and as he lifted his eyes to the heavens, they could see there were no tears in his eyes, but his proud face was etched with a sorrow that went beyond words, beyond tears. Complete silence surrounded him - broken suddenly by the war cry of the Cherokee.

I have had a life-long fascination with all things American Indian. I have no idea or clue as to why. Perhaps it is because of all the Westerns I used to watch every Sunday afternoon. I remember they used to have 'Sunday Matinees' starting around 3.00 or 4.00pm (now surely matinees are supposed to be in the mornings ...). I am not sure as to the exact time but it was in the afternoon, of that I am certain. I remember that they used to have a lot of cowboy and Indian movies back then and I used to be glued to the TV watching them as if my life depended on it. Needless to say, Last of the Mohicans and Dances with Wolves are amongst my favourite movies of all time. I have my opinion about the way the Indian Nations were treated but that is not the object of this post. Perhaps my view is too romanticised. All I know is that, to this day, the fascination is still there and I do not see any chances of it dying out.


  1. Hi Loree, this is my first visit here and I want to say that you got a nice blog in here. :)

  2. That was lovely, you portrayed such pain and love in so few words!


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