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Sunday, 5 July 2009


It's been a while since I've posted one of my flashes. The prompt for this flash was 'Cat'. I loosely based the character of the cat in this micro-story on our cat Shadi. She was a cat with a lot of attitude - most of it cheeky.

I am Bruno - a big, black, powerful cat with eyes of Irish green. I spend most of my days sleeping in a sunny spot, or hunting for mice, lizards or other small creatures. Most people would say that I look harmless enough, although some of them shun me, whispering about bad luck and making the sign against evil. Ha! Little do they know, for they have never met her, Lillian, I mean.
It’s a good thing that they haven’t. Lillian has no patience with ignorance or with fools. Nobody knows her better than I and nobody ever will. I should know - for I am her companion not just her cat. You see, Lillian is a witch, a very powerful witch; which may explain why we have so many toads in our back yard. It’s just one of Lillian’s tricks performed with one zap of her perfectly manicured fingers. I am sure you were expecting the crooked nose, grey wispy hair, warts and pointed hat. That’s were you’re wrong. She’s a beautiful woman with skin of the palest ivory and hair the colour of a raven’s wing. There is nothing witch-like about Lillian. She is just like any other woman going about her day but she comes into her own at night. That’s when she lures men to her bed. What happens there is not for you to know.
All I can say is that sometimes there are some new toads in the garden the next morning.

Apologies to Shadi for post-humously turning her into an all black tom-cat for my story. But I know that, if she was still with us, she would understand (even though she was so proud of her one golden paw and the rest of her gold patches). I may have got the gender wrong but I am sure she would approve of the rather haughty and lazy attitude of Bruno. And for those of you who are cat lovers, here is a photo of her.


  1. Great read, thanks for sharing. Love the cat :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your cat is cute.

  3. Great story, and the cat is very lovely..

  4. Now I want to know what happens in that bed?! Also, does she turn those toads into something else for mysterious purposes later on?

  5. Thanks all for your comments.

    Mystery Lady: now that is a secret between myself and Bruno :)


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