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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Journey Of Self-Discovery

As I have already mentioned a number of times, I started this blog on a whim. I needed a place where I could share my thoughts and it never occurred to me that people would actually take the time to read them. What started as a solitary adventure has opened up a wealth of friendships with many women (and a few men) from around the world. It has opened my eyes to different cultures and countries. And it has helped me to discover myself.
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Initially, all I wanted to do was write, but as this blog continued on its journey and I delved into the wonderful posts of fellow bloggers, I came to realise that I had other interests besides writing which were latent inside me. I developed a passion for photography and photo editing and blogs about interior design and décor held me in thrall while those that provided glimpses of far-away lands that I can  only dream of visiting, mesmerised and bewitched me.
I suppose what I am trying to say is that I have discovered facets about myself that I did not know existed. So while I will continue to write, because that is something which I can never give up, you will probably notice a shift in what I write about. I will probably write less about abstract things and more about me, my daily voyage and my little adventures. I hope that I don’t lose any of you along the way and that you will all continue to enjoy my stories and scribbles. In the main, nothing major is going to change except I will share more of what makes this blogger tick. In all honesty I never  thought what this little blog would help me discover about myself.
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  1. blogging is also my way of understanding myself.
    it has become more than an indulgence: it is now an essential part of my existence. :)

    a reader of your stories and scribbles, i am honored to be here, loree. :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Blogging has totally changed me and helped me to become more myself (does that make sense?). I love sharing this journey with you and so many others around the world.

    x x

  3. I couldn't imagine my life without blogging ! especially now that I am not working anymore.
    I love to read about the life and feelings of women from over the whole world. It just shows us that whatever nationality we have our feelings are more or less the same !

  4. Great post, Loree! Indeed, blogging is an expected journey of self-discovery. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and observations. Oh, and I like your train pics.

  5. You're right, Loree! Blogging has also helped me in knowing more about myself, and my focus has shifted somewhat, but they're all so welcome..Gorgeous photos and beautiful writing, Loree!

  6. Yes, it's amazing what we learn about ourselves throughout this lovely process. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

  7. follow your bliss, loree. wherever it takes you is well worth the journey - it's always a pleasure to visit and see what creative things you are up to!

    strangely, i just wrote a post myself about finding other things in our spirits that we've overlooked.......but you said it much better than i did!!!


  8. You take great photos, Loree. I will surely be here for as long as I'm blogging. I'm glad you discovered facets of yourself through blogging...enjoy doing what you love to do, Loree! :)


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