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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I love clouds. I love their wispy lightness and their playful whiteness.
On the back-path (1)
And yes, I love their angry greyness and the rain that falls from their soft bellies.
Sunset (2)
I love how the wind makes them scurry across the sky and constantly changes their shape.
Will it Rain (1)
I love the shadows they cast on the sea and the  silver lining they have when the sun is peeping through.
Clouds (1)
And I love their colourful palette at sunrise and sunset – the pastels and the brightness, the pinks and the burnt oranges, the pearls and the flaming reds.
Will it Rain (12)


  1. Beautiful post! Your cloud images and observations are awesome!

  2. Gorgeous post!! full of beauty and prose of the sky..awesome..I am in love with the clouds now too..thankyou Loree for this beautiful spell!
    Shine on...

  3. i also love taking photos of clouds...especially when i'm on flight. i always imagine they're cotton candies.

  4. I love watching the clouds too. Sometimes I try to find some forms like little sheeps your pictures are beautiful !

  5. I love clouds too :)...
    Lovely images Loree

  6. i love them too! beautiful!

  7. Clouds always made me pause in awe and wonder ever since I was a child. Lovely shots Loree!

  8. me, too. lovely photos and prose...

  9. Fantastic post Loree I too love watching clouds, they kind of inspire me in my writing and thoughts. I like to believe it's a world all their own up there : )
    I loved your pics, really beautiful.

  10. Beautiful Loree
    I love clouds too. and could gaze at them all day..

    PS.. I just found out my elderly neighbour is from Malta.. suggested he look at your blog.. but apparently he has no computer!! can you imagine? hehe

    Have a great day... ciao xxxx Julie

  11. Loved these...I wish you could've put your logo on the bottom of the photos though.

  12. Gorgeous and dramatic clouds, Loree! Have a great weekend!

  13. Beautiful photos. I miss the wide open skies for Kansas where you could see storms move in from miles and miles away. Have a lovely day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  14. ooh, loree - we must be on the same wavelength! i just posted a piece on clouds and then i came over to visit your place and see your amazing images!! (esp the third to last one - so dramatic -- fantastic!!)

  15. I love cloudsd too! I'm always taking pictures of the sky. Yours are lovely!


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