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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Giveaway At Coco Coterie

This is just a short post to let you know that  Carmen Alexandra is celebrating her blog having over 100 followers by having a giveaway at Coco Coterie. Coco Coterie is a celebration of all things pretty – from fashion to interior design - as each day Alexandra shares images of the ephemeral and the sublime.
I trust you are all having a wonderful weekend. Mine is turning out to be a time of simple pleasures: a night out with childhood friends, memories shared over a cheese platter and a glass of wine; a morning of pampering at the hair salon; a trip to the stores for some much-needed items to organise my clutter treasures; time spent outdoors; daylight savings time; and a wedding. See you all next week.


  1. Wish you a nice weekend. I'll have the visit of a Canadian Blogger with her husband from Canada, we will meet on Sunday morning in Brussels !

  2. Sounds like an absolutely delicious weekend in all its vibrant variety. Thank you for the shout out. Have been lazing around, reading, napping, eating a delightful array of leftovers from a special market trip yesterday. Have been musing over returning to Anthropologie in a bit for one or two more things for the Give Away...and myself. :) {{ Hug }} Alexandra

  3. Hi Loree..I love Coco's site...she is pretty fabulous! Happy wkd..have fun,,enjoy

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Today is our day to relax. Saturday, we run around alot. Going to try out a fish recipe today that includes making my own rosemary oil.

  5. Your weekend sounds wonderfully idyllic! We had a simple weekend too. Sometimes they're the best!

  6. Unlike yours our weekend was VERY hectic.
    It was really great to see you and your husband at the wedding as it's been a while since we met at one of my craft fairs. I was so glad we had the chance to relax at the wedding as it looks like another busy week ahead!

  7. congrats on your friend's blog!

    a night out with childhood friends? sounds like it was a fabulous weekend!

  8. what a great giveaway. my weekend was cold :(. it seems as if winter doesn't want to let go. today, i'm back at work.

  9. Hope you have a lovely day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra


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