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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Flying Without Wings

I have a longing right now for wide open spaces. For a long, lonely road and a deserted highway …
When I first visited the US we drove from Salt Lake City (Utah) to Las Vegas (Nevada) via Moab and Bryce Canyon. The drive was long but the scenery was fantastic and ever-changing. At times, ours was the only car on the highway. We drove through sleepy towns straight out of a Western, a seemingly never-ending forest with the quaint name of Dixie, parched desert landscapes and canyons the colour of terracotta. I could never have imagined such diversity. Nor can I explain the sensation of a close to unbearable lightness of being that took hold of me – a feeling that I was as light and transparent as the air we were passing through.
USA 2002 (1)
In retrospect I have come to realise that that euphoric moment of self-discovery was none other than the realisation that I had experienced freedom. Not the type of freedom that we take for granted, like freedom of speech and freedom of expression and so on, but the true freedom of the soul – untethered, with no restraint and no ties to Earth. Yes, I do believe that in that moment in time I came close to flying without wings.
USA 2002 (2)
So perhaps that is why I have this intense longing right now for the wide, open spaces and the long, lonely road to an unknown destination …
USA 2002 (3)
Please excuse the rather poor quality of these photos. These were not digital photos. So, since we do not have a scanner, I had to take photos of hard copies with my camera.


  1. i've lived in a small apartment for two years in the midst of a maryland city, and i felt suffocated. when an opportunity came to buy a house in the country, i did not hesitate to do it. now i live in the country and every morning i can breathe well and enjoy wide open spaces.

  2. Sometimes I get that same longing you mention.
    Your pictures are ok even if you took pictures of the originals... this means you are an excellent photographer and that you have a very good camera.

  3. i envy you. i live in a city where open spaces are a rarity. like what kayni said, manila feels suffocating.

  4. i think i know that feeling of which you speak. traveling - especially in remote, foreign landscapes - has a way of bringing that sensation on.

    wishing you a great weekend, loree.


  5. Beautiful post. I can totally relate; it's what I miss about my "home" state of Kansas. I so miss the wide open spaces, being able to see to the horizons, the verdent layout of the flinthills. Heavy sigh...home. Have a beautiful day ~ xox Alexandra

  6. Catching up on your blog. Thanks for the yummy recipe, I love pasta dishes.
    Your pictures of the daffodils are fantastic.
    The ones in this post are great too! I love wide open spaces.

    Enjoy Spring, Loree.x

  7. Beauitful post Loree...I love your journey of words full of prose and imagery...i could feel the flight within are a beautiful writer and artist!

  8. I understand how you feel Loree..
    I have written before on the feelings and discoveries when I first traveled to europe.. such an amazing feeling.. and one I am longing for right now... the open road.. the road less traveled [to be cliche.. haha]

    Have a lovely week my friend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  9. We moved to Texas from Kansas. We were constantly awed by the wide open expanse of Kansas. We never knew how beautiful the landscape was, especially during an incoming storm. Glad you had a wonderful trip to the U.S.

  10. Have wonderful day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  11. Reading this post, I'm longing a nice easy adventure into a wide open space too! Beautifully expressed, Loree.


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