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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fabulous Fridays: Free Actions For Photoshop

I know that I’ve said in a fairly recent post that I have no clue how to use Photoshop. And that is still true. I do, however, like to use Actions specially created for Photoshop. These Actions are used to enhance a photo, to give it a vintage look or to just create a bright summery look. Actions are created by people who have mastered Photoshop and can play around with it. For those of us who are more technically challenged, like me, downloading these actions is both easier and much, much faster than experimenting with Photoshop itself. I did some research on Google and, at first, all I could find were actions that you needed to pay for. I did not want to fork out cash for something which I knew I would not be using every day. So I searched a little more and found out that there are some sweet souls out there who have actions that you can download for free.
Ree Drummond has several such free actions for Photoshop on her blog The Pioneer Woman. You can go to her photography page here to download these actions yourselves (if you are so inclined).
Here are some examples of what photo actions can do:
Original photo
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (25)
After applying ‘Soft and Faded’ action
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (25c)
After applying ‘Old West’ action
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (25d)
After applying ‘Seventies’ action.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (25seventies)
You can play around with the actions to get the exact mood that you want to project. I did not re-touch these photos after applying the actions so you can see the end results for yourselves. Once you get the gist of it, they are pretty easy to apply and you will find complete instructions on how to download the actions to your computer in Ree’s article: Pioneer Woman’s Actions Update. 
You can apply the same action twice to the same photo or apply two or more actions on top of each other to get the look you are going for. Using actions on photos is fun and enables you to use the same photo a number of times while always having a different look. I will now stop rambling and let you discover and play around with these actions yourselves.
Oh, one last thing. Even if you are not into photography, I suggest you visit The Pioneer Woman blog because you will find a treasure trove of interesting information from recipes to the confessions of a self-proclaimed desperate house-wife. The Pioneer Woman blog is a fun find by itself.


  1. How very interesting! Thanks for showing us the different effects and sharing these downloads with us Loree.

    On another note, I wish to thank you for alerting me to the fact that you were not able to post comments on my blog. I am presuming this is a problem with local followers as I have had comments from other countries come through OK. I checked my comments settings and all seems fine but I have changed one feature which will hopefully do the trick. Maybe you could try again : )
    (I emailed you but it did not go through.)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  2. The Photoshop Actions look like so much fun. I love the different effects on your image. Thank you for the introduction to The Pioneer Woman's blog!

  3. I love your flower shot, and what a beauty it is. I also like to play with different effect with photo software when I'm stressed out.

    I don't have Photoshop software, but this is good to know.

  4. what a fun find! i use iphoto on my mac, which has some effects but is easier and more intuitive than photoshop. but i wouldn't having a few more "effects" in my toolbox :)

  5. Beautiful changes with the flower. My daughter turned me on to Picnik. It's easy. Then I ugraded to premium, a whopping 2.95 a month. I'm not a big techi either. I let my Kindle set in the box for a month before I took it out. I just don't have the patience to wade through encyclopedic instructions. But, my husband did and translated to me in less than five minutes. :) xox Alexandra

  6. Amazing shots and their shades as well. I must say you got an art and its virtues.

    Nice Post.

  7. Since at least 3 years I want to attend photoshop lessons or at least that somebody explains it to me. Now I found a photographer who gives private lessons, but I'll wait for winter, because now there are so many opportunities to take nice pictures outside. I have quiet a lot of adresses, like Picasa or Picnic which help me out !

  8. I recently dowloaded Photoshop Elements for 30 days. I wanted to make "diptych" photos (side by sides). I sure wish I was more technically minded. I think you are doing the right thing, though, by playing around with the photo selections. They look really cool.

  9. Hope you have a great day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra


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