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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Enjoying. Wishing. Longing.

I am officially back and hope to be posting regularly and doing the rounds again – although summer brings with it its own array of distractions which will probably interfere with my schedule. But I will try – pinky promise. So here I am …
Enjoying cool north-westerly breezes, sunshine and the scent of honeysuckle wafting through open windows
Wishing that I was still a school girl to be able to enjoy the summer break.
Longing for lazy moments and happy memories.
USA 662b
Reading ‘ Lessons From San Quentin’ – yes, that San Quentin.
Listening to Mindy Gledhill and Motley Crue – I know, the styles are miles apart.
Loving this summer’s fashion, the vibrant hues, the florals, the frills.
Dreaming … but I’ve already told you what I’m dreaming about haven’t I?
USA 663b


  1. The photo said that you're relaxing, enjoying, and dreaming..maybe jumping into the cool water..

  2. so nice that you can still have your windows open! we're in full summer "cabin-fever" mode around here... air conditioning at full blast, and it will likely remain so until well into fall.

  3. i love the scent of honeysuckle — enjoy these early summer days ;-)

  4. Good to have you around more the post today too! ;)

  5. Fabulous post Loree...shine on...gorgeous shots!! I love honey suckle too...magical!!

  6. Ah, those quintessential summer breaks. I'd always dress to the nine's the last day. In third grade, I celebrated by wearing my first communion dress to school. Imgagine that ~ :)
    xox Alexandra

  7. i feel quite the same way. being back home after two weeks of travel, i feel like heading out again just to relax and let be.

  8. You are so right that summer brings all kinds of distractions! I hope yours turn out to be pleasant ones.

  9. Ah the lazy days of summer. Enjoy yours, Loree! x

  10. I hope your trip away was wonderful. Your location is such a vacation destination in itself for people like me!


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