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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here Comes Summer

Nothing screams summer to me more loudly than the play of sunshine and shadows in the narrow street of our old village cores. It almost feels like a game of hide and seek.
Birgu (22)
The crazy season (as I like to call it) made its grand entrance this week. It will bring with it unrelenting heat and spectacular, fiery sunsets. Days at the beach and the comforting feel of sand between the toes.
Birgu (21)
Evening walks in streets such as these. Balmy nights and sea-breezes. Oleander flowers and sweet seasonal fruit. BBQs, parties and long talks under moonlit skies. Some cool wine and the soothing song of the crickets …
These are the summer memories that I hope to be sharing with you in the coming weeks.
Photographs taken in the  streets of Birgu


  1. Even if summer isn't my favorite season, the way you wrote about summer makes me love this season. It's the same here, summer is just beginning.

  2. sounds a bit like summer here in florida... but we don't have these lovely streets to wander. i love your shadow shots!

  3. The way you talk about summer in Malta make us feel like going there :)
    and your pics are very beatiful !!


  4. Great shots!
    Summer offers beautiful shadows and shades for photgraphs.
    As regards to the tempeatures I prefer Spring and Autumn.

  5. Yes summer is right here and I'm hoping and praying the real hot humid days will be few and far between, hmmm, some hope... but at least we will all be looking forward to the good things like you so describe so well ... these will make summer bearable and happy at least : )

  6. Sounds very nice and present, Loree..I don't live near the ocean so I visit the water park with the kids, and watch them having fun.

  7. The cicadas have begun. I always love that as for me it represents deep summer, though summer is official on the 21st,which always seemed rather silly to me. I think summer begins when the last day of school ends. Lord knows it's hot enough. Beautiful images ~ xox Alexandra

  8. the play of sunshine and shadows in the streets......that's poetry loree ~

    i look forward to posts in the coming weeks of your beautiful island in summer ♡

  9. Loree, the pictures are absolutely fabulous!! I, too, have always loved summer ... oh, I would love to walk down that narrow street with the scent of oleanders in the air ... Big hugs!!

  10. Enjoy your wonderful day off. Ours comes next Monday ~ xox Alexandra

  11. Love this! I want to be there! ... and the cool wine and soothing song of crickets? I am on my way!

  12. A beautiful street. The summer nights are lovely to amble along and sit with a glass of wine. Enjoy yours!

  13. Loree of all places in this world...from Malta to Lampe, MO. Now that is quite a dramatic difference in scenery. Did you happen to go to Silver Dollar City? My husband has been going there since he was little, and our kids too...and we will go even though they are teens. I can't wait to hear where you recently went.

  14. Ah, summer - may it be filled with pleasure!
    Best wishes,

  15. Lovely streets...
    Greetings from France,


  16. loree — i love the color turquoise as well.....have always, since i was a child, as it reminds me of the sea, esp the med — so beautiful. enjoy your gorgeous neck of the woods —


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