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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thoughts On A Dying Gaul

The day I saw him, I could so easily have passed by, dismissing him as just another sculpture from the ancient world. Yet something about him made me stop and linger by his side. There was no doubt in my mind that this man was suffering; that his life’s blood was ebbing away. I could see it in the anguish in his face. Here was another life lost to the legions of Rome. I wondered what his name might have been; how old he was when he died; what loved ones he left behind. What were his last conscious thoughts as his blood darkened the grass of  Gaul and his broken body finally sank to the ground? I was staring into the face of a man who had lived over two thousand years ago – and though he has long since been forgotten and his body has returned to the earth, yet he lives still: a statue frozen in marble and in time.  A poignant reminder, really, of how Europe was formed.
Malta & Italy 2003 293
Photographed (by my husband) at
The Capitoline  Museum


  1. Loree, thanks for your wonderful wander of thoughts..It's amazing how just one thing can affect us if we silently observed!

  2. this sounds like the beginning to a good book of historical fiction.

  3. It's a wonderful sculpture looks almost alive. I think he must have been between 30 - 40 and in my opinion doesn't look like a soldier but rather like a sportsman who just sits down and rest.
    Who is right or wrong ?

  4. You have described the feeling so well. When I looked at your picture I could see his pain.

    I enjoyed your post on Photoshop as well. I love playing around with my photographs.

  5. those pictures are really great.
    i love them.
    Xx Liefs

  6. when i was studying in athens a fellow student had a 'crush' on this sculpture — it is a remarkable piece that truly evokes strong emotions, as you so well describe.

  7. I hope this photo means that you are on vacation in Rome. I remember you mentioning how much you love the city! Have a wonderful time.

  8. I would be thinking the same things, as I often do when passing by abandoned old homes. Beautiful sculpture. wow. xox Alexandra

  9. I meant to comment on this before but I got distracted. I love your thoughts on this statue, your insights are amazing and you made me take another look at it. If I saw this in person I'm pretty sure I would not have noticed what you noticed.

  10. I saw this sculpture while doing my study in ancient arts in Rome, and it was one of those pieces that can really have an impact on you. Although back then, I was too busy on studying technicalities to get a good grade. I love your insight and this gives me a new way to view this statue.


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