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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I told you that summer would bring with it many distractions … so many, in fact, that I have not had too much time for posting and visiting.
Because how can I stay inside when this is out there beckoning me?
First Swim of the Year (22)
I feel a sense of giddiness in the air; a longing to cram every free hour with fun and laughter; an overwhelming wish to make memories, to look back on it all and remember. Remember – not the heat and the stickiness and the pesky insects – but the good times, the magical moments: the mischievous giggle of a little boy wetting me with the hose-pipe, the shrill cry of the cicadas, the honey colour of ancient buildings at sundown … the little things which I will look back on during dark winter days and which will warm up my heart.
Mnarja Eve 025 (7)-1
And as the day draws to a close, I long for fresh breezes, rest and peaceful dreams  and for a boat to sail along the golden path of the dying sun and to sleep to the lullaby of the whispering sea …
First Swim of the Year (21)


  1. your post and use of words made me think of good, relaxing things. i'd love to sail on a boat too and just let the currents lead the course. thank you for sharing.

  2. Unbelievably beautiful! I love the blue sea color against the golden building.

  3. the honey color of ancient buildings at sundown......

    that's poetry loree — what a beautiful post - you truly do enjoy your uniquely lovely surroundings ~

  4. And your photos show how beautiful these places really are. I'm having the same problem of concentrating this summer..So many things to do, and so little time!

  5. I don't blame you for staying away from your blog... great Summer distractions and great photos too.

  6. you live in the ideal holdiday place ! No wonder that Malta has such a success it's so beautiful !

  7. you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  8. just enjoy and write beautiful poems of love and longing by the golden sea of this ancient world...

  9. but if you didn't take the time to enjoy, what would you have to write about, right? (and i'm listening to cicadas right now)

  10. Wow .. GORgeous. I see why and completely understand! I would be outside too! Lovely post Loree!

  11. a beautiful shot of the cat on the water!

  12. That last photo is stunning. I can't imagine life on the island so I am so glad that you give us a peek. What beautiful sunsets you must see every single day!

  13. Hi Loree!! Wow..gorgeous sceneries..and the words you are weaving are casting spells in my heart!! Beautifully written..especially the last few lines and words imprinting me.."dying sun..lullaby..whispering sea" potently visual writing and so soul-stirring...thankyou for sharing your magic!!


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