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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wise Words

Image via Pinterest
Just thought I’d share this. I think it is so true.


  1. Your quote helps to chuckle about my daughter. I think she is such a talented writer. She reads non stop and written 2 books I thought were so full of adventure and magical happenings. She cringes if I bring up her writing in public and keeps this part of her so private. So perhaps she is a real writer! But I'll keep this to myself..she will just groan..

  2. i write but i'm not a writer. that makes sense, huh?

  3. Needed to read something like that. :)

  4. i read this to my daughter this morning (an aspiring writer :)

  5. Sounds like like a good idea. Pretty picture, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  6. Okay, now I can write a bit more, as I have been trying to post to your blog with no success for the last month or so no thanks to internet explorer, I just discovered. Mozilla Firefox ~ magic, now I can. Crazy. I'll take an invite for pinterest. Sounds like a great idea. Hope all is well ~ xox Alexandra

  7. Hi, Loree ~ Well, I'm not sure how Coco Coterie linked with the Italian's, but I have deleted that account. Pinterest looks great, but I found out I can access it only by linking to it through Facebook, and I do not do Facebook. Oh, well. I have a premium account with Picnik, and it manages photos, so that is an option should I want to free up space in my computer. Hope this day finds you well and enjoying your lovely landscape ~ xox Alexandra


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