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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Garden

Kitchen Garden 004
We spent an evening here the other day. There was hardly anyone when we arrived and the was a sense of calm was broken only by the sound of the trickling water. It’s a peaceful little place,  ideal for my Mischief Maker* - a place where he was able to play in a safe place.
Kitchen Garden 008
Kitchen Garden 044
The fact that it also happens to be the President’s (and formerly the Grand Master’s) Kitchen Garden is just a minor detail. It feels good to be surrounded by history nearly everywhere we go. It gives a sense of continuity - to me, at least. Four long centuries have passed since these gardens were first used. But that does not mean that more recent times were forgotten or neglected. Mickey and Donald look quite at home here, don’t you think? Although, admittedly, they could do with some more fur and feathers of the leaf variety. I guess the sweltering heat doesn’t really help. Hopefully they will perk up during the rainy season.
Kitchen Garden 041
*I’ve decided that from now on I will stop referring to my son as ‘the little one’ since he is not exactly little anymore. So from now on, he will be known as the Mischief Maker - and that suits him perfectly.                                                          
Photographed at
The Kitchen Garden
San Anton Palace


  1. It looks like a pretty place for an evening stroll.
    Would be pleased to meet your mischief maker too.
    Hope you will soon get some cool weather, my sis told me you are suffering a heat wave right now.


  2. Nice place. :)
    You've very good at photography btw. :)

  3. it must have been relaxing there. it looks so quiet and peaceful.

  4. Love the look of the roses bordering the pool.

  5. Great pictures Loree! I am glad they opened this part of the garden to the public.
    When we last met, I notice how your Little One is growing eh God bless! Mischief Maker is a cute name and I'm sure he'll provide plenty of fun for you with his adventures, living up to his name : )

    Happy Weekend,

  6. From "the little one" to "the mischief maker". I love it. For my son, that would have about from 4 to 5 years old. He was a handful! Now, he is super laid back. Interesting how they go through all those stages...

  7. Love the look of the roses bordering the pool.

  8. mickey and donald are looking like they suffer from that disease birds have when they pull out their feathers ;-)

    i wonder what your mischief maker thought of them?


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