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Friday, 1 July 2011

Fabulous Fridays: For All Lovers Of Turquoise

It’s summer in the  Mediterranean and if there is a colour that I associate with Maltese summers it is  turquoise. There is a quality about it that just evokes images of the crystalline sea that surrounds our island.
October 2004 035(a)
Photographed at the Blue Lagoon in Comino
For many years I grew up with turquoise in my room. My bed covers, curtains, carpet and furniture handles were all in shades of turquoise. It was a vibrant colour that transported me to summer during many a gloomy winter’s day. Over the years my love for this colour has not diminished.  I think that turquoise and all its variants (like aqua) works very well in bathrooms since turquoise, when coupled with white, imparts a sense of cleanliness together with an image of pristine waters. Perhaps it’s not the best colour to use for winter but during the hot summer months I find that it has a calming and cooling effect. Of course, turquoise can work well in any room as long as it is well-planned.
With this in mind and turning to the internet for inspiration, I was browsing through various design blogs when I came across one which stood out for its sheer love of the colour turquoise. Erin at House Of Turquoise features rooms, accessories, lighting (and anything else that you can think o)f which have one thing in common: turquoise, of course. I fell in love with Erin’s blog quite some time ago and thought I would share House of Turquoise with you since I am sure that there is plenty to inspire all those of you that love turquoise.  And if you plan on getting married soon and would love to introduce turquoise into your special day, Erin has posted  a tonne of photographs from her wedding from where you can get your inspiration. Check out her post of June 24.
As for me,  I’m on the hunt for turquoise items with which to surround myself. So here are a few items – from the whimsical to the eclectic – that have really caught  my eye. I think some of these are so much fun and I would definitely love to get my little paws on some of them soon …
Image via: Décor Pad
Image via Deal Nay
Image via  Carter & Rose
securedownload[1] (2)
Image via Retro Art Glass
I am a bit late with this post but yesterday I spent the evening on Facebook playing Zuma Blitz. Are any of you as addicted as I am???


  1. Turquoise is one of my fav colours too since my all time fav colour is blue and all shades of it : )
    I find it has a calming effect on me. My eyes and my hands seem to automatically turn to everything in that shade!
    It definitely is a summer colour as you said one that you can associate with Maltese summers.
    I hope you can acquire some of the items in your pictures, my choice would be the cushion.
    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. It was lovely to see you all at EPOKA : )

  2. This was also my favorite colour during my teens. I remember I even had a pair of turqoise sandals and handbag. Today I have passed on to more sober colours and maybe I should think of going back to some of my old preferences.
    You have a nice choice in home decor!
    Have a nice weekend|

  3. Those are beautiful items in turquoise color, Loree.

    (I don't like to play games online. I blocked the games people invited me to play on Facebook!)

  4. i LOVE turquoise, especially turquoise jewelry :)

  5. I also love turquoise it is my favourite color for clothes and of course jewelery ! I like it less in furniture or decoration, for that I love everything red !
    I don't like Facebook, I had to become member there to see the photos which my son puts there, but otherwise I never use it except for pictures sometimes.

  6. The Blue Lagoon looks so clear and cool, also I love the pillow and pottery that you found.

  7. simply fabulous!!!!...pure inspiration!

  8. Such a beautiful post. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours and it is just perfect for summer! I can't get over the colour of that water!

  9. I love the top two lighter vases, so pretty and romantic, and I wish I were at the lovely beach! xox ~ Alexandra

  10. I completely agree with you !!
    If you think about Turquoise colour you think inmediately about summer.
    Beautiful post, Loree !!


  11. I can't say that turquoise is my favorite, but your little touches of decor are gorgeous. That water looks so heavenly too.

  12. Such a beautiful colour Loree, very calming. I love your selection here, especially with the pink flower accent. I would love to find one or two very large urns in this colour...I think they would be well loved if I could find them.. :)

    Best wishes...
    Jeanne xxx

  13. I don't know anything about Zuma Blitz but I am addicted to the blog world! My eyes went straight to those soft turquoise glass perfume bottles. They look so smooth and delicate!

  14. Your image of the Blue Lagoon is pure summer, gorgeous!

    There is a lot of turquoise verdigris in Vienna (a colour that appears naturally on copper, brass and bronze). I love it against the deep blue sky of summer.

  15. P.S.:
    I am not on Facebook. Simply afraid of it being too time consuming to make it worthwhile.


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